View Full Version : Wanna play D&D? Looking for a Group? (5$ Beginner Session Booking)

August 10th, 2020, 17:24
-Are you an old timer like me? Do you miss playing D&D with your friend?
Or are you just someone that would like to try D&D and doesn't know where to start?

- Simple Easy free software - Fantasy Ground Classic

-Weekly D&D5e Games Sessions hosted by a Pro GM

-Great Starting Place for Beginners

-Small Donation for Huge Fun

Every Week I plan sessions for beginners interested in trying out D&D and online tabletop games. Personally, I never thought I would enjoy playing as much as I loved D&D with friends and a good old pen and paper;


I'm not a computer wizard at all and I found that it was way easier than it looked.

I will take you under my Gamemaster wings and help you get set up for D&D 5e using Fantasy Ground. You gain access to my discord and the ability to book when you prefer your session. The first hour of the session is used for set up, then when the group is all ready to go, we play a 2-3 hour session. I will assist you step by step and We will play the first session together, with a group of similar players. During the first session; you will learn how to make your character, how to ‘’run’’ the game, and how to level up your experience.

All you need to do to join one of my Beginners Sessions is first give me a follow on my Twitch Channel and offer a 5$ Donation (Paypal).

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Discord: https://discord.gg/PHcrecf