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August 6th, 2020, 21:01
It has been 2 months since the Kalak Immortal Tyrant of Tyr has fallen! For over 3000 years the Sorcerer King Ruled over Tyr with an Iron Fist. This was only made possible by the sacrifice of Heroes willing to rise up, to stop the King from performing a Ritual that would have sacrificed the entire city. This also was only made possible with the help of Tithian who used to be the High Templar of Kalak. Now crowned King Tithian has Decreed that Tyr going forth would be Free City, Slavery is now outlawed, which stands it apart from all of the other City States within the Tablelands. In the days that followed the assasination and the ruling, celebration and festivals errupted all across the City, but old feelings of abuse die hard, and eventually blood letting and acts of vengeance and riots began to spread.

But that was only the Beginning Tyr now stands without a Sorcerer King to protect it. The death of Kalak has rocked the entire region. Showing everyone that maybe the immortal Sorcerer Kings may not be as immortal as they claim after all. Opportunity has now also risen, and an army of Freed and escaped slaves has emerged from the desert wastes led by the Ex Gladiator Warlord Khorgus Khol. He now Marches upon Tyr and he has given the option to the people to rise up against the Templar turned king, a man whos hands are still soaked with the blood of slaves in years past. To rise up and help give the City true freedom, but if they choose no, then they would burn with their overlord. Even worse, reports that The Warrior King Hammanu of Urik, who's' armies have never seen defeat in the thousands of years he has ruled now marches toward Tyr to claim old debts of iron owed his kingdom.

Enter the Heroes (your group) If such a word truly exists on Athas. Who assisted in the overthrow of Kalak. And now stand to help protect it. They have undertaken a Quest to not kill, but to Capture and Tame a Drake of ancient elemental power. The beast known as Lofwyr The Wind Serpent. A beast that is worshipped as a God by multiple Hafling Tribes within the great forest ridge. Then use the Drake to persuade the Haflings to aide the city in its time of need, and hopefully lead them to battle. And this is only the beginning. Other Even more dire news has reached the ears of our band of heroes. Even with all their efforts, it may be for not. For the Dragon has its eye upon the City. The Tithe must be paid. If it isnt the City Doomed regardless.. If your interested in learning more Please keep reading below on how to join.

Hello Everyone. I am currently looking for one player to fill out our last spot that just opened. I've been running this campaign for about 3.5 years. Its been a more casual game. We try to meet most weeks, but occaisionally wiill miss a few. If you're interested here is some of the important information you may want to know.

SYSTEM AND SETTING: 4e Dungeons and Dragons (my personal favorite edition), set in the Brutal Dark Sun universe.

LICENSE: I hold a classic Ultimate License. So you're able to play for free. I also have the entire Parsed 4e Dungeons and Dragons ruleset making for easy drag and drop)

GAMESTYLE: This is a Brutal and gritty setting that definitely blends good and evil with shades of grey. The World absolutely needs heroes, but not all the Player Characters are motivated by such drives or ambitions. The world also deals with topics some people may not be comfortable with. Such as Slavery, and Prejudices So be warned. Mature content and scenes will be prevelent. Think Conan Meets Mad Max. As for combat vs roleplay. I am going to say the game is 70 percent combat 30% roleplay with the group we currently have. But that can be adjusted by the players.

HOUSERULES: We have some. And I can share them with you before you make the decision to play or not.

NEW PLAYERS and PLAYER EXPERIENCE: New players or players that have not experienced 4e DND are welcome. We have a knowleadgable group that can help you learn the game. Also characters in the group are currently level 14. WHich can be daunting to build a character of that level without experience. I have several Pregenerated PCs that could be chosen from to play. Until you feel comfortable enough to build your own, if you wanted to go that route.

SESSION: We play Thursday evenings with a start time between 1800-1830 Central Time and usually run 3-4 hours.

SESSION FEE: $10.00 Per Session, HOWEVER! Your first session is free! That way you can ensure the game is for your or not! Also if you need assistance building a character I will do that at no charge. Payable through Paypal

VOICE: We use Discord for voice. I also have a Discord Channel I will provide the link below.

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you may be interested and want to find out more about the campaign, the setting of even the system, than please feel free to reach out and contact me here via PM or through my Discord. CHannel. I can set up a voice chat to talk about the game with you if you would like to learn more as well. As I said above this has been an almost 4 year long campaign and we dont have any plans on stopping anytime soon. Just be prepared. Dark Sun is a Brutal and Savage World We have had more than one character death in the group, but we continue to push on!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and here is my Discord Link.