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April 26th, 2007, 22:21
I know I had this working in the beta, but I've either forgotton how to do it, or it's b0rked in the release, so someone refresh my memory.

I open the combat tracker. I've got a PC and an NPC listed.

The PC casts a spell like Hold Person on the NPC while its their turn (marked with the flag). While the PC is "active" in the tracker, I click on the spell effect icon and type a descriptor ("Held") and enter anumber of rounds in the number box.

As I recall (and with my faulty memory - I could be alone here) when I would advance the rounds (using the down arrow in the tracker) when the PC that cast the spell would become active the counter for the spell effect would change to reflect the number of rounds left on the effect (I forget if it counted up or down).

In testing that right now, I don't see the spell effect round counter changing when either the caster OR the target become the active character in the tracker.

My over # of combat rounds is correctly incrementing however.

Is it just me? Am I missing a step?

April 26th, 2007, 23:38
Make sure that you put a -1 in the little arrows circle box next to the counter -- that tells the program how much to increment the counter by each round.

I think it's flexible so that you could do things like put in fast healing 3hp per round if you like

April 27th, 2007, 13:36
That did it.

I don't recall needing to tell it how to increment/decrement in the early beta, must be something that came along later.

Thanks. :)