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April 25th, 2007, 19:03
Not sure it's safe to begin a ruleset conversion yet, but I did anyway.

I've found (or created) a problem with opening modules in remote clients.

Host: FGII Full
Client: FGII Lite

I created the modules and got them operational in the FGII Full. Of the four of them, I set 2 of them to "Force Load", one to "Allow" and one to "Block". They open fine in the GM (Full) client.

I connect with the "Lite" version through a 2nd computer and open the "Modules" window. Only the two set to "Forced" show in the modules window. The two set to "Allow" and "Deny" do not.

If I remove and reset the "Allow" and "Deny" markers in the GM client, the "Allow" appears in the Lite client. However, the modules will not open in the Lite client.

If I open the modules window in the Lite client and click/drag the books open, they close again when I release the mouse. I cannot get them to "stay open" like I can in the GM client. They are visible in the GM client, but not the remote.

Any suggestions on what files might control these functions?

Something squirrelly about the Force/Allow/Deny markers
Can't open modules in remote clients

Edit - never mind, I found the thread that addresses this: