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July 14th, 2020, 14:47

Welcome to the Iron Kingdoms. Where Mechanical coal fire burning WARMACHINES built of iron and steel battle against HORDES of WARBEASTS and monsters! Explore a land rich in history where Nations wage wars for land, resources and glory, and Empires from far off lands invade to conquer and enslave those to weak to resist.

The Iron Kingdoms is a land that has reached an industrial revolution, but is also steeped in magic. A world were Midieval Knights dressed in full battle platemail battle against Soldiers with guns and steam or coalfire burning armor. It is a land where monsters and warbeasts of more savage factions roam the untamed wilderness, or ruins from the ancient war against the Orgoth.

I have room for one more player to join our Group of Mercenaries on Monday Nights. As they explore the World of Cain. Where a New War is set to begin between the Nation of Khador and Cygnar over the fallen kingdom 9f Llael (all this will be explained), and the players are on their way north to take part in the war, but have been sidetracked by plague and a new mystery circulating around the dark arts and witchcraft and never before seen technology blending the two. This game will be using the Iron Kingdoms Core rule system. Which allow for explosive fast paced tactical and dynamic combat in a world that allows for all types of roleplaying opportunities. All are welcome veterans of the system or someone looking for something new. I will help you learn one of my favorite systems in over 30 years of roleplaying.

Information about the game
When: Mondays at 5pm Central Time
Game Style: Fun but kind of Gritty at times. The players are currently part of a mercenary company. THey sellswords, not heroes (well unless they choose to be).
License: I am a Ultimate CLASSIC license holder, which is what we will be playing on. So free accounts are welcome.
Cost: $10.00 Per session per player. As this game is already started I will provide character building help for free. I will also offer your actual game session for free so you can make sure you like the game.
Ruleset: We are currently using a fanmade ruleset for the game. While it is functional. there are some bugs with it. Also it does lack some of the automation found in fully supported rulesets.

If you have any other questions about the gameworld or system, or may be interested in joining please do not hesitate to contact me via PM or check out my discord channel! I will be happy to make some time to talk one on one.

Note: Players interested may want to pick up a copy of either the Iron Kingdoms RPG, or Unleashed RPG book or PDF. Iron Kingdoms handle characters from the civilized lands, while Unleashed Handles Characters from the wilds.

Also the game currently has 5 players we are seeking one final mercenary or sell sword or possibly gunmage to join us. The campaign is about 6 sessions in. So whoever joins us will have a little advancement to catch them up.