View Full Version : Proficiency/Skills and Martial Arts Question

July 13th, 2020, 01:14
So I'm trying to make a Cleric of the Moon/Fighting Monk. I took Martial Arts as my proficiency.

A couple questions....the first, how do I put more proficiency points into something to specialize in it, or further for unarmed combat specializations? The same with non-weapon proficiencies, I can't seem to figure out how to get better in them? Or is all of that needing to be done manually? By putting points I mean, going from proficient to specialized, etc? How do I level them up? It looks like I have to go in and manually change each one's bonuses, and I just want to be sure I'm doing it correctly before it gets messed up. :)

How do you create an attack and damage roll for martial arts? Is there a way to incorporate the martial arts table and chart bonuses? Or is that something I'll have to do manually when doing damage and there's no way to automate it? I saw in the videos that you create an Unarmed Attack Roll, I get that. But I mean is there a way to incorporate the Martial Arts Chart for damage? Since Martial Arts is based on that.

I watched the tutorial videos on AD&D Mike, but these are some things I didn't see covered.

Thanks guys! Sorry for being a total noob. Ha.