View Full Version : weapons with d10 damage dice

April 24th, 2007, 18:14
I noticed that my characters weapon with a d10 for damage keeps getting multiple dice added to the weapon every time I close and restart the program. I am only viewing local characters.
First the weapon went from 1 d10 to 2d10 or possibly d%. On the second restart there were 4 dice in the box. Here is a copy of the data set after opening the program a third time:

<ammo type="number">0</ammo>
<attack1modifier type="number">0</attack1modifier>
<attack2modifier type="number">0</attack2modifier>
<attack3modifier type="number">0</attack3modifier>
<attack4modifier type="number">0</attack4modifier>
<attacks type="number">2</attacks>
<bonus type="number">2</bonus>
<damagebonus type="number">0</damagebonus>
<damagedice type="dice">d10,d100,d100,d100</damagedice>
<maxammo type="number">0</maxammo>
<name type="string">Halberd</name>
<rangeincrement type="number">0</rangeincrement>
<type type="number">0</type>

April 24th, 2007, 22:04
I was able to replicate this phenomenon as stated. Each time you reopen the program a percentage die is added to the damage cup. For instance, the third time I reopened the program, the damage for the weapon contained a regular d10 and three d%, which is just wacky.

This was in "create/view local characters" mode

April 25th, 2007, 06:17
I did some futher testing and here is what I saw:
When you first make the weapon entry and add a d10 to the cup, it is fine. Save and close the program, look at the datbase entry for the weapon:

<damagedice type="dice">d10</damagedice>

No problems there.
However, start FG2 again, there is now 2 die in the cup for the weapon. If you look at the datebase, it still lists a single d10 as above. Close the program and then look at the database:

<damagedice type="dice">d10,d100</damagedice>

I hope this helps the devs isolate the problem easier. :)