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July 11th, 2020, 08:40
With the Camarilla book coming, I am interested in how Institutional Conflict is being handled in the ruleset. Mostly I don't care at all about the Camarilla book, except for that one thing, which I consider the best implementation of Influence in any version of Vampire.

So. Any word on how this mechanic is implemented?

Vires Animi

July 17th, 2020, 07:29
So since no one would step up and actually answer this question I decided to finally get the fangs out and take a bite out of this product. And unless I am blind as a bat and missed the elephant completely (there's a reference for you old timers), there is NO integration of the Institutional Conflict rules. At all.

I can't say I am surprised. At this point the Vampire ruleset seems like the ugly stepchilde no one wants. It's just disappointing that the best Influence system ever made in the history of Vampire (my opinion of course), is being totally ignored. Sure. The text is there, but that is it.

The product is fine. It's what you'd want if you care about... well.. the Camarilla. And I do very much appreciated the fact that a lot of the text has been set up with two columns, which is so much easier to read, instead of big blocks. That at least is pretty good and frankly this should be implemented across, well, all modules you can buy really.

So it's not bad. Just ... inadequate... in my opinion / review.

Vires Animi

December 12th, 2020, 03:55
You are correct, there is no implementation of Institutional conflict what so ever.