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July 7th, 2020, 02:29
I have an issue, I'm a travel nurse with a varying schedule but I *really* want to game. I feel bad making other people wait on my schedule, and I feel even worse only being an on-again, off-again player in a game because I can't make every session every week.

With that in mind, I would feel less miserable if I were paying someone to run a game for me.

So, in short, I'm looking for a GM to run a 1 on 1 game since it's pretty rare to find someone who can play on my schedule. I've run one on one campaigns in the past so I know they can be content heavy. I would like a session per week, though I'm flexible, and I usually know my schedule about 3-4 weeks in advance so I'm not expecting someone to just jump whenever I'm ready...

I'm open to pretty much any game, but I have most experience with D&D (earlier editions but I love what I've seen from 5e so far), VtM (again earlier editions), and Rolemaster, with a little Call of Cthulhu and Deadlands mixed in. I would literally play almost anything though lol, it's been far too long. I love RP but I also love the tactical combat sort of stuff, so a mice mix is preferable. I *LOVE* homebrew campaigns, so bonus if you have one I can play around in! I haven't played many of the boxed campaigns for any setting though, so some of those might work. Anyway lets talk about it...

Hopefully I can find someone to help with this, please message me if you feel up for it!

July 7th, 2020, 02:54
Forgot to mention I have ultimate license for FGU. Thanks again!

July 7th, 2020, 03:20
An irregular work schedule plays havok on any kind of gaming plans in my experience. I feel the frustration.

It might help if you gave an idea of what your availability generally can be, along with the time zone. You never know when there might just be a good fit waiting to happen.

A solo game can be quite interesting if done well. Good luck!

July 7th, 2020, 03:41
I'm currently PST, but as a travel nurse that varies also as I move state to state. I have no plans to leave the west coast at this point but where the wind blows, so I goes... :)

I work nights usually, but I'm fairly flexible with the timing throughout the day, its which days they are.

I work 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts typically, so I can't play on days I work, but I'm free 4 days a week, so there is definitely some flexibility there.

July 7th, 2020, 18:47
I recently started to DM on the Fantasy Grounds Pick Up Games (https://discord.gg/39Sqwb) discord server. It caters specifically to FG players and have a lot of DMs running Adventurer's League content (as well as some DMs also running non AL stuff), which sounds like it could work for you as you'd be able to make a character and just bring it to whatever sessions you can make. We have a lot of 2-4 hour sessions being run at various times.

If you check out the calendar there, and don't find something that works for you, reach out to me (@matjam) on the server and I'll see if I can rustle up a game for you (either run by me or one of our other DMs) on a schedule that works for you. I know that one DM is looking to start an Eberron campaign on a regular sunday morning, I do a regular Monday night thing (PST) but we also have east coast DMs probably willing to run AL games.

We don't ask for payment - I do it for the fun of it and as do the other DMs, though I know some people also advertise paid games there, I suspect you'll be able to find a game.

If you're not familiar with Adventurer's League, check out the official site (https://dnd.wizards.com/ddal_general), specifically look at the Player's Guide on that page and check out the online log tool at https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/ for tracking your game sessions for your characters.