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July 4th, 2020, 06:25
Hello adventurers!!!
They call me Game Master Orgulthar (simply Org for peoples who knows me).

I am very happy to offer my services as a professional Game Master. I run games for money full time and looking for more adventurers to join us!

Platform: Fantasy Ground Classic OR good old pen and paper using Discord. As the dm I will still use Fantasy ground as a reference for images and maps and so on, but we don't have to use the whole system if pen and paper is preferred.
(Fantasy ground still preferred for most grp).
Planning on going for Fantasy Ground Unity at some point. (Fantasy ground is a free program you only need the demo version).

Anyone can ask even if they never used it before (I will help you set up for free if we schedule a paid session)
I am accepting single players and grp as well.
I am running games using D&D 5e mostly, but there is a possibility for other game systems. Using many different settings depending on the grp and so on.
Example of game setting offered:
-Forgotten Realm: The Sword Coast
-Cyberpunk style
-Many homebrew campaigns.
-Many special events (PVP arenas and such)
-Possibility of doing 1on1 or special event
Feel free to contact me by asking for a friend request on Discord!

Name user on discord: Gm-Orgulthar#1230

Payment method is either by Paypal or Patreon

Price varies depending but I am charging as low as 2$/h up to 20$/h. Really depend of what you are looking and I put all my time and effort into this.

I just started doing this as a paid service so I am keeping my prices real low for now.
Leave a comment with your friend request explaining what you are looking for.

''And may the dice of destiny bless you all''
Game Master Orgulthar

July 4th, 2020, 23:52
I could totally do that :) PM me on Discord and we can talk possibilities. Discord user name: GM-Orgulthar#1230 I do all sort of games, mostly d&d 5e and my players enjoy my games a lot I belive