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June 28th, 2020, 04:31
Hundreds of years from now Earth is ravaged by a cataclysmic war. Billions died in an instant causing the combined psyche of humanity in their death to rip open dimensional RIFTS in reality and awaken ancient ley lines of pure magical energy that now criss cross the world. Through those RIFTs came monsters, demons, and more, drawn to the magically awakened world that now shined throughout the universe as a beacon of magical power ripe for the taking. In the decades that followed the war, human survivors faught to survive as terrible forces were unleashed upon the planet, and monsters of legend and fantasy preyed upon mankind. Magical forces reshaped the very land, even the fabled Kingdom of Atlantis has been raised from the depths of ocean. Through it all though, mankind has managed to survive.

The world as it is hundreds of years after the Apocalyptic war that brought the Rifts is a changed place. Fuedal kingdoms dot the land, and Empires have risen from the ashes of a world in chaos, such as the Coalition who claim to be defenders of mankind, or the Federation of Magic, as magic is now a very real force, and the ley lines still shine brightly across the land. Much of the technological wonders of the past has been lost, and those that have managed to acquire even some of it or learned to use the force of magic have an edge. It is a world full of danger, as RIFTS still open at random, creating bridges between other worlds and dimensions. Allowing unknown threats into the world.

Welcome to the world of RIFTS! Come join in the adventure of a lifetime in a world where you can be almost anything you imagine. Play as Human, or elf, or dwarf, or even a Dragon. create any character allowed within the Savage Worlds System, or play as an Iconic Framework Such as a legendary Glitterboy piloting a 9 foot tall battlesuit from the golden age of man with its iconic Boomgun that can obliterate tanks. Or possibly a daredevil juicer that is so pumped up on their juice they become superhuman, but it has a cost and could end up killing you off before any monster may. Break the bonds of normal Fantasy and play in a Post Post Apocalyptic World that combines Fantasy with Super Science, but not just any world. Our Little blue orb known as Earth.

SYSTEM: Savage Worlds RIFTS SWADE edition

PLAYSTYLE: A mix of combat and roleplaying opportunity will be available to the players liking!

GAME STYLE: SAVAGE!!! This is a no holds barred game. There will be fun times for everryone, from Heroic Adventure, to Dark Horror, to unknown exploration. However in the Post Apocalyptic World there are also extreme prejudices especially from many humans towards the Deebees (Dimensional Beings) that have invaded, or have come to earth. So be prepared. This is also Savage Worlds, there will be no mountains of hitpoints to save you. Only your quick wits and a little luck of the die.

OUR GOAL: To have fun and explore an amazing setting. This can be a long term campaign if the players choose to keep on coming, so will I!

LICENSE: I will be running on an ultimate classic license. This may change to Unity later down the road.

DAY AND TIME: I have alot of openings! Lets see what your availability is, and I will see if i can make it work. I do have some games already running.

HOW LONG?: 3-4 hour play session.

GROUP SIZE: 4 players Minimum, 5 or 6 is optimum!

VOICE CHAT: Through Discord or the Official Fantasy Grounds Teamspeak. (updated link to not expire)
- https://discord.gg/vkf7uvp

FEE: $15.00 per player per session, Session Zero and character creation assistance provided for free. (NOTE: All materal for this game must be input manually as there is no Savage RIFTs licensed material for fantasy grounds).
- THis is payable through Paypal, Venmo, or Messenger pay. SPECIAL players that sign up before the 4th of July get their first full game session FREE!

WHAT I OFFER AS A DM: Over 30 years of DMing experience, 10 of which have been right here on Fantasy Grounds! A game Dedicated to the players and creating an enjoyable and exciting experience, and atmosphere. I also do have access to Syrinscape for immersive sound effects

If you have any questions or are interested in this. Please PM me or come join me in my discord group!

June 29th, 2020, 05:26