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June 24th, 2020, 21:09

A 5-star, ENnie-nominated 5th Edition Adventure Path

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, Matron Maelora best beware; her plans for total domination of the Underworld are already close to satisfactory completion, while attacks on the Upperworld have become increasingly successful. The other power-hungry drow families of Holoth may despise her but they know a true leader when they see one, and House Gullion has been revealed as the family to lead them all on the path to glory. With the entire Underworld in chaos and the Spider Goddess regularly communing with her chosen Matron, far greater dreams than mere regional conquest are within the grasp of the drow, as Maelora prepares her grand dark elf army for victory!

With other mystical allies standing firm with the Matron, other Underworld races beneath her heel or cowering behind fortified walls, and every drow ready to play their part when she gives the word, what could possibly stop her from achieving her final triumph and fulfilling her destiny?

But even the greatest of plans has a flaw if you look hard enough, and a party of stout heart and strong resolve can make a difference. At first, such a party may well believe it is on a smaller adventure, perhaps to win a few baubles or some small acclaim by rescuing a few kidnapped villagers. Soon, however, those adventurers will realise that much more is at stake, and that they are the ones who will need to make moves against the evil Matron Maelora and her increasing dominance if both the entire Underworld and Upperworld are to be saved. But how will they go about it? Can they ensure their own success when an entire city is standing against them? Only they have the chance to halt the Rise of the Drow!



The northern climes have proven difficult to cross the further the party travels, beleaguered by both the rapidly shortening days and forests that grow thicker with every mile. The ever-falling snow, whether as gentle flakes or an energy- sapping blizzard, only increase the sense of silence, darkness, and isolation. A journey between settlements of what should have been a day or two has become twice as long; everyone is desperate to reach a roaring fire and a full stew pot.

The appearance of the village, the party's intended destination, seems perfectly timed. The locals are heading for the central cathedral and talk of warmth, light, and succor while encouraging everyone to, "get out of the darkness." Following this advice, the adventurers find themselves in the middle of a service to mark the ending of the longest night and a return to the comfort of daylight—thanks to an ancient relic.
However the ceremony does not go smoothly as several interruptions prevent the high priest from properly fulfilling his duties. The PCs called upon to aid another band of travelers before helping drive off unexpected undead! But all of this is just the precursor to worse events; slavers appear, attempting to capture villagers and drag them away. These malicious enemies are like none seen before, accompanied by strange creatures that target the building and individuals alike. The local residents are hard-pressed to face these foes and the party proves to be a vital force in preventing a devastating defeat!

Can the PCs deal with the many problems before them, overcoming multiple challenges as an unknown enemy attacks the cathedral from all directions? Can the party face down the slavers, rescuing the villagers from a terrible fate, or will they fall for the tricks and bluffs of the mysterious humanoids that use the very darkness as a weapon? Can anyone stop this attack and prevent the remorseless, merciless Rise of the Drow?


This game will play every Sunday from 6:00pm - 10:00pm CST and the price will be $10 per player, per session.

About me - Been DMing since 1982, all editions. Been doing the paid DM thing for about a year and have about 90 players total (all can be contacted for references) between all my in-person, FG, and pbp games

Time - Every Sunday @ 6:00pm CST (each session is 4 hours)
Rule Set - D&D 5e
Voice - Discord
Recorded - No
Price - $10.00 per session.

If you are interested please send me a message or contact me on my discord server. Please use the Rise-of-the-Drow-FG channel for inquiries.


July 7th, 2020, 17:24
Only two slots left.

July 13th, 2020, 02:49
One slot left

July 14th, 2020, 20:28
Game is full.

July 18th, 2020, 03:52
if a slot opens up please hit me up! lordspanq(-7)(PDT) on discord. thanks!!!!

July 18th, 2020, 07:47
if a slot opens up please hit me up! lordspanq(-7)(PDT) on discord. thanks!!!!

I do have one opening in my Rappan Athuk 5e game. Plays every other Saturday from 1pm - 5pm CST if you are interested.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/HhcfdeP