View Full Version : FGII non-responsive when opened

April 23rd, 2007, 14:39
I downloaded everything, but then when I open FGII it doesn't respond. I can't click on Update, Host, Play, or Local. It is completely non-responsive.
Here is the error:

szAppName : FantasyGrounds.exe szAppVer : szModName : hungapp
szModVer : offset : 00000000

The High Druid
April 23rd, 2007, 14:50
Same thing I had . . . is your screen DPI set to something other than 'Normal'?

April 23rd, 2007, 15:16
It is still non-responsive on any resolution I select. However, on 800x600 there is a little message now when I open that says "Welcome to version 2.0", but it is still unresponsive.
I'll try the DPI I thing as well, saw your other thread.

EDIT: Setting the DPI to 96dpi did it.

April 23rd, 2007, 16:08
I had this problem on my main machine all through beta, never did get it figured out - and I tried everything short of a reinstall.

When I get home I'll try the DPI thing

April 23rd, 2007, 16:55
Yep, I had the same thing on a work laptop. Changing dpi to 96 fixed.


The High Druid
April 23rd, 2007, 17:09
Seems quite a few of us have come across this problem already. Here's hoping there's an easy fix for it and I don't have to keep restarting my PC to switch DPI.