View Full Version : Tuesday and Fridays Need a game? DM for hire! Interested? Then roll initiative!

June 11th, 2020, 18:12
Hello all, I currently have availabilty to run games on both Tuesdays or Fridays. Are you interested in playing a 5e Homebrew, or supermodule? No problem. Have you ever wanted to learn other game systems or editions of DnD (see list below)? Well now is the opportunity.

A little about myself. I've been DMing games since 86, Playing since 83. So I have quiet a bit of experience (over 30 years). The last 10 years of which have been on Fantasy Grounds. I have access to both Discord, and teamspeak for voice client, as well as Syrinscape. I also have access to FGC ultimate. So you can play with a free account. I know every DM is different both in person and on VTTs. I use voice more than chat, but occasionally switch to chat. I am fairly flexible on rulings and will go with the rule of cool on many occasions when something transpires, that isnt covered or unknown at the time. My games Storywise typically have a more serious, or mature overtone, but that in no way means I dont laugh and have fun while rolling dice. When using 4e I do have some house rules, especially if running Dark Sun.

Systems Available I can run over Fantasy Grounds and their rates.
- D&D 5e, To include homebrew, Tyranny of Dragons, Curse of Strahd. Rate: $10.00 Per session per player
- D&D 4e, To Include Homebrew Dark Sun, Everquest world of Norrath, Or I can also port Tyranny of Dragons, or Curse of Strahd over. Rate: $10.00 per session per player
- Savage Worlds RIFTs Homebrew with mixture of possible modules. Rate: $15.00 per session per player (note: with no source material for Fantasy grounds this game will require much more prep time, hence the increased cost)
- Pathfinder 2: To include homebrew or Adventure Paths. Note I am newer to this system so could be a little rusty at times, but i am a fast learner. Rate: $10.00 Per session per player.
- Iron Kingdoms/Unleashed: Homebrew with modules from time to time. (note: This is an amazing setting and system however. The ruleset is fan made and buggy. very little autmation, but the game is so fun i still run it.) Rate: $12.00 per player per session due to extra work required to run.

Hours of Availability: I live in Central time. I am currently available from 9AM to 11PM. So will set the game session based on the group.

Sessions: Normal session length will be 3-4 hours long. Extra long sessions can be had with extra charge.

Payment Method: Payments can be made via Paypal, Venmo, or messenger pay. Note: Session Zero is free as well as character building support if needed leading up to gametime.

If you guys have any other questions please or would like to book a session please feel free to contact here via PM or below or check out my Discord page using the link below,

And if you've read this far, then what are you waiting for? Adventure Awaits!"

ohh here is my linky: https://discord.gg/vkf7uvp