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June 9th, 2020, 16:02
Hey there, adventurers!

I am looking to see if anyone is going to be interested in a long-term campaign of Pathfinder 1e which I have prepared. For those not familiar with the 3rd Party Published Campaign 'Way of the Wicked' you are in for a treat. It's a well-written, tense, dramatic evil campaign running from levels 1-20 and explores all the classic villain tropes, from the cunning underling all the way to the Lord of Darkness, target of Paladins and adventuring parties alike. This campaign is the crucible to create your own Big Bad Evil Guy to inspire adventurers to seek to foil your plans for world domination. In short, it is the perfect and most wretched hive for scum and villainy. I have put my own artistic flair into it and re-written whole swathes to create an even more interesting, dynamic and thrilling story with compelling characters and heart-pumping challenges.

I am looking for up to five players to join me as we weave a tale of darkness, intrigue and revenge amidst a land of virtue and light. I am flexible on the day and time we play so I am open to the group's preference.

The details

10 (or converted equivalent)/hour with each game being three hours long (perhaps a little more if things get good but if we run over, that's free of charge. It's obviously a good session then). If this is an issue, please contact me and we can negotiate.
One game a week
60/40 divide on Roleplay/Combat (but this is of course adaptable depending on the preferences of the party)
Voice will be over Discord
Payment will be made over PayPal
Standard FG account needed

What are you paying for?

First of all, I am a talented and experienced GM with literal years of experience. My campaigns have been so enjoyed by my players that it inspires excitement at the mere mention that I'm starting a new project. I have literally had people fighting each other to get a spot at my table and my sessions usually end in groans of anticipation when we conclude. "Just one more hour! Please! I can't wait a whole week to find out what happens!"

Second, I am a dedicated GM always looking to improve his skills. When I'm not running, I'm usually planning for the next session. I'm reading new material for inspiration, I'm watching tips and tricks videos on Youtube to sharpen my edge. I'm not a GM that gets complacent. I'm good and I intend to not only stay that way, but get better and better as time goes on.

I use map-making software to bring to life detailed world and regional maps. I use Syrinscape and other musical tracks to create the perfect atmosphere. I am looking for every single edge I can to make each of my games an event. But not only that, I actively work with my players to bring out their full potential. In all seriousness, this isn't my game, this is our game and I work with my players to make them as involved as they want to be. One of my regulars started my long term campaign in 2015 as a typical murder-hobo barbarian, dumping Charisma because he just wasn't in to roleplaying that much. He wanted to roll dice and kill things --and that's always fine. By the end of his story, he was cursing his haste in character creation because he was now an infamous warlord embroiled in politics, battle-plans and intense diplomatic situations as he locked minds with one of the chief villains, considering whether he needed to throw the nation into war.

My long-term goal in my games is for you to play at my table, and never want to leave. You want to spend all your time playing it. When you're not playing, you're continuously thinking about what you want to do next week. You'll want to talk about it, the creatives want to draw their characters, some delving into the extensive lore I've written hoping to find a golden nugget that inspires a solution to a long held issue. Years after the campaign has concluded, former players still share stories with each other and regularly remember it as one of the best they've ever had. The stories spread to their circle of friends. "That sounds amazing!" They say and before long, I have people contacting me on the off-chance there's a space at the table.
This is not a game, this is a total hobby experience. That's my long term goal with this campaign and I truly think my take on 'Way of the Wicked' will do that.

So I am almost always up for roleplay regardless of whether we're at the table or not. If you need your RP fix, find me on Discord and we'll run through that secret conversation with the guild manager/cult leader away from the rest of the party. You're buying me, and I make sure this game and my players are top priority.

I understand that some may be weary of the price, especially with a GM who talks a big game with no actual proof. Therefore, if you're on the fence about signing up, I want to offer you a free Session 0 in which we'll stat your sheet, talk about the character design and have a one-hour solo session in which I can introduce you to the world and we can place your budding Villain on the path to ultimate power and ambition.

Play will begin shortly but there is still plenty of room. For those definitely interested, I have a player handout which provides more information.

Hope to hear from you soon.

June 28th, 2020, 02:55
im in, lmk