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June 1st, 2020, 08:57
My name is Paul, I'm veteran of D&D with over 20 years of experience as DM. Currently I am starting campaign set in Dark Sun universe. Campaign is considered to last at least 5 months and will be played weekly on scheduled day. The campaign is meant to be enjoyable both for experienced and new players, but due to specifics of the setting and current player base (all adults) you should be at least 20 years old.

My goal was to create strong story background and some convincing interactions with NPCs as well as let you to feel harsh, punishing nature of dying world of Athas. So on every 2-3 sessions that will look like standard one (dungeon crawling, exploring map and discovering hidden locations, fighting monsters/NPC opponents, finding treasures) there will be 1 which will be focused on completely different aspects. During this "different session" your challenges and encounters will spin around your survival skill, planning and preparation, traveling, interactions with NPC, tying up clues and hints to unravel clear pictures of world around you, espionage, gathering information, building up relationships and reputation with factions within the game, your role playing and more. Know that every open question mark put on your bio/personality part of character sheet will be taken under consideration and you will find, sooner or later during campaign, things from your "past" coming to live. So if you are looking for some generic "we've got assignment in the tavern to slay the troll in the swamp" kind of experience, where 99% of it is focused on hacking and chopping new waves of bastard creeps, spawned in number and density that would ashamed biggest colonies of shrimps in the ocean, probably you will feel a bit disappointed. But if you are looking for game, that will challenge your killer instinct in the same manner as it's challenging your imagination, creativity and intellect then surely you will spend a good time together with players who are already exploring one of the best (if not the only) campaign settings ever created. It's not for everyone, but surely it is for you.

Currently there is one spot available for Friday sessions (7:30pm EDT). To sign up, reply to this topic and send me PM with your character concept (it would be great if you are already familiar with Dark Sun campaign, but it isn't mandatory). Friday currently has Thri-kreen Assassin, Half-elf Circle of the Shepherd Druid and Half-giant Abjuration Wizard. (I posted those to make it easier for you to figure out what character class may be great addition to the party).
We do payments (10$ per 4 hours session) via paypal in the beginning of each session (first session is free, but if you will want to continue playing during next sessions, you will have to deposit 5$ to reserve spot, payment for your next session will be lowered by this deposit).
Stay safe and healthy and hope to meet you by the VTable.

June 6th, 2020, 02:52
Hi Paulson, I'd be interested for Fridays. It would be my first game on FG, however, and I haven't played Dark Sun in 20 years, so I'll need a refresher for much of it.

If you're down with a little handholding, I'm your guy.

June 6th, 2020, 05:59
Thank you for your reply, PM sent.