View Full Version : Armor Damage extension for AD&D 2E

May 15th, 2020, 12:37
I've been working on a Hackmaster ruleset, which has complicated armor damage rules. I'd heard a few people mention that they'd like to see the armor damage rules from The Complete Fighter's Handbook, which are a simpler version of what I was doing, so I figured I could create an extension for 2E.

How it works:

After loading the extension, go to the armor in your Items list and open them up. You'll see two new properties: Max HP and HP Lost. Max HP is the amount of damage the armor can take before it breaks. You can fill in these values according to The Complete Fighter's Handbook, or make up your own values if you'd prefer things to break faster or slower. For armor already worn by a character or NPC, you'll have to go edit those items on their inventory directly.

HP Lost indicates how much damage the armor has taken so far. Once that value reaches the Max HP value, the armor breaks and no longer provides it's AC Bonus to a character. A character's armor automatically receives 1 point of damage whenever they would otherwise take at least a point of damage. This also reduces the amount of damage that character would receive by 1. To "repair" armor, the GM will have to edit the HP Lost value on the item.

If you have this extension installed but never set the Max HP for a piece of armor, it should behave exactly like normal 2E rules, because armor is going to default to having a Max HP of 0, and these rules just skip over trying to handle armor damage for any armor with a Max HP if 0. It won't take any damage, and it won't cause it's AC bonus to be lost by "breaking". So if you want, you could create "indestructible" magic armor simply by giving it 0 Max HP.

If anyone uses this, let me know if you have any feedback or run into any bugs. Like I said, I'm personally running a different, more complicated version of this for Hackmaster, with an extra UI control that allows the player to tweak the HP Lost field and shows them how far their armor has currently degraded, but that felt like overkill for 2E. But since I'm not actually playing with this particular extension myself, there might be usability issues. Let me know, or even just tweak it yourself and post an update here if you're so inclined!

You can grab the attached extension or go check out the code and/or package it yourself at: https://github.com/drplote/FantasyGrounds2EArmorDamage

Known Issue (that I don't plan to solve): If someone has more than one suit of armor equipped, it's not going to know which one you mean and just pick the first it sees. So don't equip two sets of chain mail, or whatever. If there's a valid use case for having two sets of armor equipped, I guess maybe I'll look into dealing with that. Note that shields and other AC-affecting items (like rings) are not a problem... just actual armor like chain mail, ring mail, etc. Plus, I'm pretty sure it will only happen if you set a Max HP on that other armor too.