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April 25th, 2020, 00:06

To those about to die, we salute you!

The time to enter the Arena has arrived! Build a team of 4 Gladiators with your friends and battle it out for dominance utilizing the Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition system! Climb a leaderboard both with your character, and your team, tracking Gore drenched deathblows you've delivered, deaths your gladiator has faced, team Victories and crushing defeats! Set to run for 3 months a winning team will be announced. A custom Scoring system will be used throughout each match and through a season of blood soaked excitement.

Battle in deadly arenas alonside your team. Each Week new threats will fill the arena to keep the battles fresh, and new Scenarios will keep teams on their toes looking for ways to score winning points during the match. Scenarios will be presented to players when they enter the server.

Build your Gladiator at level 11. Utilizing any official race, class, theme, and Paragon path. Choose your abilities and feats.
Use the Points buy system found in The Players Handbook to build stats for your Arena Champion.
Equipment in the arena must be earned with a rewards system. With your first few fights you will be armed only with basic equipment. But with each team Victory new items will be earned for your character.
Gladiators will start the season With 1 Action point to use. But with each killing blow throughout a match you will earn a new Action Point. IF the death was delivered from a critical strike your entire team will prosper earning each remaining team member an Action point. If your Gladiator dies in their previous battle they will begin their next battle with no action points as a penalty for death, but fear not they may earn them as they battle for their very survival.

Set to begin on Tuesday May 12th based off Central time at 6AM each batch is set to run for three hours. Games will continue to be played each Tuesday using the same schedule until August 3rd our last games day. To determine which team is the final victor.
0600-0900 Game one
1000-1300 Game two
1400-1700 Game three
1800-2100 Game four
2200-0100 Game Five

I will set up a Discord Channel for teams to organize and schedule their matches. but it will be first come, first serve to reserve a time slot each week. I need at least 4 dedicated teams to make this work.
Cost: $10 per gladiator per match.