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April 24th, 2020, 17:31
The time has come to ascend to your Epic Destiny, and challenge the greatest threats the realms and worlds have ever known! Challenge Gods and beasts of legends that rival them in power! Defeat a new Challenge each week or die trying! Do you have the knowhow and teamwork needed to overcome these powerful Adversaries?

The Godslayer challenge is a new series I am running utilizing the D&D 4e system. A system that has been heralded as offering some of the most in depth combat available.

Each week players will gather to face the most powerful encounters you can imagine. And do it within a 3-4 hour period. If you have ever wanted to take control of a level 30 Epic destiny character, THIS is your chance! Forge your dream character, and bring a team that you think is powerful enough to overcome each challenge. But be warned, as DM I will play each God, or creature as intelligent forces of destruction thar will do their utmost to destroy your party, and crush your dreams of ascension! (Note this is set to be an arena challenge. I will narrate the Gods, their actions, and the settings. However, this is not a typical Roleplay session.)

Each session will also be tracked on google docs. Create a name for your team, and track how many rounds it took for your party to succeed against each challenge, and how far up the ladder can you climb. The doc will also track characters deaths and TPKs (insert evil laugh here)!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

What you need to know about the game.
1. All rolls on of the dice by me as the DM will be open for all to see. There will be no DM fiat here.
2. Each Player will be able to control 1 level 30 player. (notes on character building below) There will be a selection of premade characters available for those that dont desire to build their own.
3. Each team will name their team to track advancement in a Hall of Legends (google Docs)
4. If your character dies, during a session. You can choose to still advance to the next session but without the starting Action point. You must survive the previous encounter to start the game with an action point.
5. Each session will be designed to run 3-4 hours. If combat is in the middle of the round at the end Hour 3. Players will be able to play through the remainder of the Round. At which point the game ends. (Note Due to the nature of this type of gameplay and playing such powerful characters and creatures. Games may run alot shorter than the 3 hours allotted. We can hang out and talk if you wish. You have me for the 3 hours) Failure to defeat the challenge in the time alloted equals a failure for that challenge.
6. These encounters will be designed for teams of 5 players.
7. Fee per session per player $15.00 To be paid before each session. (Note: Will provide a free Session 0 for players/teams to log in and get to know me and each other as well as ready their team)
8. Special note Ive been running games on Fantasy grounds on and off since 2010. Up until now ive had no need for an ultimate license Still currently use standard license). However if the need arises to fufill player and team placement for this series. I will make it happen.

Character Build Notes
-Players will build characters using the standard Point build found in the PHB1.
-Characters can choose any Race Class Combination found within any of the official DnD 4e sources.
-Characters can also include a theme From any official DnD 4e source
-Players may select any 2 epic Tiered Magic items, 3 Paragon Tiered Magic items, and 4 Heroic Tier magic items. for their items. but may not share items. These also must come from Official D&D 4e sources (no artifacts)

Game Day will be set for fridays Based on Central US time. I will alot for 2 different games.
Game Session 1 Starting between the hours of 6AM and 9AM to run to no later than 1PM
Game Session 2 Starting between 3PM and 6PM to run no later than 10PM
NOTE: Special sessions can be arranged on other possible days in advance. Please contact me Via PM.

So Prepare! Forge your strongest heroes, arm them, and ready a team, and rise to challenge the gods themselves!