View Full Version : LFGM for 5E Dragon Heist -> Mad Mage

April 13th, 2020, 23:21

I'm looking for a GM to run Dragon Heist and then Dungeon of the Mad Mage after that. I'm happy to pay if someone good contacts me. I may have another person interested and we could also recruit more. Only looking for maybe 4 players total. You can reply here, PM me, or contact me on Discord at Grimaldi#7741 (that's where I respond most quickly). I am a mature, stable, nontoxic player just looking to have fun and someday reach level 20! :-) I've been playing D&D and many other games since "Basic D&D" in the early 80's. I'm in the EST/EDT timezone. Schedule is very flexible, just not before early afternoon my time because my mornings are busy. I prefer to play once a week if possible.


April 14th, 2020, 04:59
Hey Frunobulax. You sound like me with your style and schedule. I'm running a Waterdeep campaign that might interest you. Send me a direct message or DM me on Discord at Eldritch_Press#9782 and I can go over the specifics.