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April 6th, 2020, 03:53
Hello to those reading this,

We are a small group of players who are looking to hire a relatively experienced DM for running campaigns in 5e DnD and the new Pathfinder 2nd edition. The pricing is flexible, so please identify in the outline below your details. We are aiming to do voice chat through Discord and keep in touch with one another. We are primarily located on the US west coast and we are looking for someone who is open minded and good with connecting with groups.

Think Creatively with your answers:

Years of experience:
Editions/Games Experienced With:
Style of Gaming (Immersive/Open Mentality):
Preference for Gameplay (% combat/rp):
Degree of Freedom (% Rail/Open Choice):
Length of Game you are open to running (hours):
Days/Times you are free to DM:
Budget/Cost (hour/session):
Forms of Communication (i.e. discord, phone,etc.):
Location/Timezone (General):

April 6th, 2020, 19:37
Name: Darla (DarDarJinx)
Years of experience: 32 Gming 35 since I first was introduced to RPGs at age 18. (oh gods, I'm getting old. But never too old for this!)
Editions/Games Experienced With: All versions of D&D, from AD&D 2nd edition all the way to 5E, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, Mongoose Traveller, Twilight 2,000, 13th Age. (oohhh, I need to learn more!)
Style of Gaming (Immersive/Open Mentality): Immersive and have voices for each NPC, to the point that a last group I had as soon as they were greeted with a certain NPC voice, they all moaned and their characters quickly left and found something important to do. I've run games where the players were so immersed in role playing, we didn't do a combat for four hours. I've also run games with nothing but combat. SO It really depends on what the players want.
Preference for Gameplay (% combat/rp): I run because I love to, but adjust to what the players want.
Degree of Freedom (% Rail/Open Choice): Always open choice, but don't think there wont be consequences for not getting to something soon enough. Time marches on after all....
Length of Game you are open to running (hours):4 hours is when my back tells me it's tired of sitting in a chair.
Days/Times you are free to DM: Any weekday evening or any time during the weekend, IF I get this log truck job. If not, then all day, every day. thanks to the current circumstances.
Budget/Cost (hour/session):10 dollars per person per session. If you trust the other players and can do it, one person can pay for everyone for one session, then it's someone elses turn to pay. that way no one has to pay every week, but you have to trust each other to pay during their week. Also makes it easier to keep track of payments. (One payment coming in instead of 6).
Forms of Communication (i.e. discord, phone,etc.): Discord, email or phone call. Discord Preferred, have my own channel for gaming.
Location/Timezone (General): EDT The wilds of Pennsylvania.

April 8th, 2020, 19:48
Hello Darla,

We are interested in discussing this further. We are PST and we are looking for a Saturday afternoon to evening slot (4 pm to 10 pm) or a Sunday morning to afternoon slot (9 am to 4 pm) for a 4 hour game. Feel free to reach out to me on Discord at Dracoso#7280 and let me know if you are available to discuss further.


April 8th, 2020, 20:48

April 10th, 2020, 19:21
Years of experience: 41
Editions/Games Experienced With: D & D thru 5e
Style of Gaming (Immersive/Open Mentality): very mixed, intrigue, deep thought, hack and slash all combined
Preference for Gameplay (% combat/rp): It's like an adult undergarment....It depends! Some sessions are completely RP, while others are a combination yet others combat
Degree of Freedom (% Rail/Open Choice): I run an open world, Players can take their characters where they want, do what they want. All playable races, and classes Have almost all books
Length of Game you are open to running (hours): Open
Days/Times you are free to DM: Open
Budget/Cost (hour/session):$10 per person per session
Forms of Communication (i.e. discord, phone,etc.): discord, phone, Skype
Location/Timezone (General): GMT -5 Florida

New to FG but have a massive learning curve.
My games generally last years and Characters advance via XP not mile stones
Have the following books for 5e
volo's guide to monsters
Tales from the Yawning Portal
Dungeon of the mad mage
Sword Coast adventures guide
Water deep dragon heist
X guide to everything

Look forward to chatting with you


April 20th, 2020, 19:27
Name: Joseph Justice

Years of experience: Let's see I have always been using my imagination to build new worlds and heroes. Lego's, Building block, Action Figures. So all my life. However i got into pen and paper RPG around age 14.

Editions/Games Experienced With: I started with a friends home brew while riding the bus home from school. Then we moved onto Palladium Rifts, we did a cross over event with another friends Star Wars campaign, we played a bit of his bothers homebrew, i dabbled in 2e and 2.5, and Vampire the Masquerade/white wolf werewolves in high school with some goth friends, we landed back on Rifts for a 10 year story arc, then after everyone went to college me and a few guys started 3.5 D&D and that group spilled over into 4e and then 5e, we experimented with Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer, Mechwarrior, Marvel Super Heroes, so many countless others whos names blur together.

Style of Gaming (Immersive/Open Mentality): I've tried making completely open worlds, and following books extrememly closely. i find the best touch is to use the books as a backbone then let the characters shape that world.

Preference for Gameplay (% combat/rp): i prefer to use Down time between games for sharing ideas for a build up on how to do massive assaults on cities, for when we get together as a group we spend that time executing the well made plans and helping each other fix unforeseen mishaps.

Degree of Freedom (% Rail/Open Choice): The rules are there to be followed, as close as we can. that is, as long as we all agree to them. but every game ive ever played has ways to use the system on itself and make some pretty crazy things happen

Length of Game you are open to running (hours): 2-12 hours, and having the discord up at all times to talk to each other for planning.

Days/Times you are free to DM: if i am awake i want to be roleplaying. So any time.

Budget/Cost (hour/session): Free. If your late you get a $10 fee per hour your late.

Forms of Communication (i.e. discord, phone,etc.): Discord will be active at all time. Phone can be used for emergencies and to call in for tardiness

Location/Timezone (General): I live on the East coast of the USA

April 24th, 2020, 05:46
Name: My name on here is Computertrucker, but I've also been referred to as the DM, the GM, Hubby by my wife but sometimes worse names than that as well. And yes. my birth name Joel As well.

Years of experience: UGH you're asking how old I am with this. I played my first game of D&D with the classic red box. back in 83.

Editions/Games Experienced With: Ive ran every edition of D&D and good lord so many games. Currently I am loving Iron Kingdsom/Unleashed. And have been looking for a reason to start Savage Worlds RIFTS, and Pathfinder 2e which i have been recently reading. I've GMd the majority of the time i have gamed

Style of Gaming (Immersive/Open Mentality): I mix it up. I really love immersive atmosphere and describing the scenes and settings. I also use alot of Images in my games. I also challenge my players think outside the box when attempting to do things.

Preference for Gameplay (% combat/rp): Every session is different. There are times that call for both. there are times that sway one way more than the other. Players many times set the pace in how they want to handle things. And sometimes the game genre really sets up the flow of how much combat or roleplay there is. So being honest its not easy to set a percentage. As it ebbs and flows differently at different times.

Degree of Freedom (% Rail/Open Choice): arent these like choose your own adventures? remember those or am i to old? The story is there. I love great stories. The players though are the ones deciding where to go in that story. Now dont get me wrong. I may try to hook you guys back in using subtle godlike powers. But one of the biggest lessons I've learned over my years as a dm you really cant prepare for players are going to do. Roll with the punches and adapt. And having fun is more important in the end than that story youve been trying to craft. they may go the other way.

Length of Game you are open to running (hours): The last session i ran was 6 hours long. I'd Say 3-4 hours is a good average length per session to shoot for. If players want longer that can be arranged as well.

Days/Times you are free to DM: This is a paid gig. If we set it up in advance I will be there for you. Thats called professionalism.

Budget/Cost (hour/session): 3-4 hour sessions $10.00 per person. I will shoot for the 3 and let the 4th hour happen if we run long. Longer than that we could negotiate a fair price.

Forms of Communication (i.e. discord, phone,etc.): All the above.

Location/Timezone (General): I live in Florida but the Northwest side of the state. So i am in Central time.