View Full Version : Feature Request: Coterie tab on the Character Sheet.

April 5th, 2020, 22:56
Title says it all. I was wondering if we could get a section on the Character sheet to add our Coterie dots. and information on our Coterie like its type with links to those types and backgrounds.

April 11th, 2020, 04:33
Yes, please! That would be very helpful!

April 12th, 2020, 06:02
Actually..... there is an extension on these forums called Player Agency. One of the things it adds is a shared notes implementation. Not a note that you can make public, but one that updates quickly as you edit it, and is accessible to the entire group of players. This is somewhat implemented in the Party Sheet. This, I think, might be a good approach to track anything for the Coteries in this game. More than any other game i can thing of (maybe clues in CoC), Vampire really relies on shared info, and even shared character elements.

So.... how about adding a Coterie tab to a Group Sheet? And maybe a shared notes sheet that updates in real time, and tracks who posted what? Take a look at Player Agency for that.

Another advantage to putting the Coterie info on the Party Sheet, new players or dropping players don't need to adjust anything. And only one source needs to be updated and maintained.

April 14th, 2020, 08:39
Actually..... there is an extension on these forums called Player Agency.
While this is a nice work around, I would prefer something built in the ruleset that would remain supported and maintained along the time rather than relying on an external extension that might not be supported on the long run. I would understand this is not a top priority, but coteries are definitely part of the rulebook and I would expect the official commercial ruleset to support them.
Also the Player Agency while supporting shared notes would be missing the rules aspects on merits/flaws and associated rolls. If Roll20 implemented it, I am sure FG can do it even better given the time.

April 14th, 2020, 08:54
No, that was my point. Use Player Agency as a model, but add the Coterie stuff to the Party Sheet.

February 15th, 2022, 13:22
It feels a bit weird to have core rules that are not supported by FG, I wish this was a feature, it would make coteries much more detailed and immersive.