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Rigil Kent
March 26th, 2020, 04:30
Hi there. Purchased this ruleset since this Covid-19 nonsense has made our face-to-face game unfeasible and during setup, one of the players wondered if there was a way to adjust the In-Character text color as he's using a laptop & typed text didn't show up as well as we would like. We noted that the OOC font color definitely stands out better; one of my other players is Gigermann, who did the GURPS Core Theme, and we couldn't find a way to tweak that in the skin. How did you code this? Am I just looking in the wrong place? (We were thinking of flipping the in-character with the OOC color, but didn't see how.) Now obviously, we're going to be relying mostly on TeamSpeak when we play Friday, but I wanted to reach out anyway to see if I'm just an idiot or if it is coded oddly.

Thanks in advance!

March 26th, 2020, 04:57
Welcome Rigil;

Take a look 8 threads down. Some one did a Purple Theme for Traveller. It's quite good and I'm using it myself. Take care


Rigil Kent
March 26th, 2020, 05:20
Awesome. Thank you!

March 26th, 2020, 08:51
Also the chat colors are being adjusted in the next update.

March 27th, 2020, 08:59
Also the chat colors are being adjusted in the next update.

Yup and then soon after v.1.1 is released, people who want to create their own theme can get the 'theme data' from me and use it as long as they don't sell any other the assets etc anywhere.

Huzzah and good morning!