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March 7th, 2020, 01:02
Hmm so I don't really have a lot of spare cash lying around being disabled and low income and I want to make books and adventure modules for myself and my 2e games. Not that I don't buy things for FG, because I do and will buy more, but I'd like to learn how to make proper looking books for FG so I can save money. There's things I want to put in Like Ravenloft books, the other campaign settings.

I've started using the Author extension a little bit, trying to figure out how to input data and everything to try and make books. When I export it, I select ALL, then load the module, it shows up in the Library modules just fine, but when I load it, in a new game or something, it shows all the Story logs that I used to input and create the book module with. I just want to create a book, not have it in my story after I'm finished creating it. Once I create the module can I delete it from the story or something? Do I need to use a STORY template?

Or is there a special program to use for making books or coding knowledge needed?


March 7th, 2020, 01:25
Hmm, I may have figured it out. Just leave out the Story and Story reference when exporting.

March 7th, 2020, 01:47
Thats correct - dont export ALL
Specify what you want to export.

March 7th, 2020, 02:11
If you want to have the Reference Manual you need to put the stories in Categories. Otherwise it will be empty. If you do not want the story entries in the exported module, don't select "Story" when exporting.