View Full Version : LFPs [Online] [DnD5e] [Discord] Alesso's Adventures just $11

February 19th, 2020, 21:57
Greetings! My name is Austin Alesso, and I am a DM of almost five years that began my journey watching the earliest episodes of Critical Role. As a DM I am a big fan of Matthew Mercer, Matt Coleville, and Satine Phoenix as DMs. I run online sessions through FG and in-person sessions in Goldsboro and Raleigh, NC.

I run 4-hour sessions. I run a special so your first game with me is just $11. Regular sessions afterward are $21. If you like discounts I offer a 4 session bundle of just $65 (20% in savings).

You can find more information or get started by joining my discord server https://discord.gg/JtXZarf