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February 8th, 2020, 06:08
Good evening fellow Fantasy Grounders!

I'm going to keep this simple.

FG License: FG Ultimate
Game System: Any (if I don't know it I'll learn it so long as we can find a way to emulate it in FG)

Time Zone: PST
Day of week and time: Many Openings
If new game, planned start date: ASAP
Planned Duration & Frequency: 2 Hour Minimum Sessions up to 8 Hour Maximum Sessions
Term: As long as you prefer

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: Discord
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

Roleplay & Combat mix: Your Choice
Number of Players in game & needed: 1-5, I simply charge $15/hour and Session 0 is free (3-4 hour session for you to try my play style)
Character starting level & equipment: Your Choice
Character restrictions: Your Choice

Details of your scenario: I have been telling stories in roleplaying games for nearly 20 years, I highly recommend you choose a concept for a campaign you've always dreamed of playing, if you need help finding players to share the costs I am happy to assist, be that Space Marine firing railgun at zerglings racing across an open field on a foreign planet, or be that dragonriding mage that smites down her foes, or play an isekai harem game wherein you get to be the hero you always wanted to be. I will monitor, maintain, and operate the world you choose with a fair style wherein your life will be at risk, players can die, but the opportunities are unlike anything you've ever done in roleplaying before.

If you have questions shoot me a message on here or in Discord


February 15th, 2020, 03:46
im willing to try anything if u have a group who needs another player im interested only thing ive played is dnd since the 80s.

February 15th, 2020, 08:26
Hello jefftroot,

Thank you very much for your interest! I don't have any groups building atm, I am running a few premade groups (people who knew each other beforehand) and a few solo (single-player) campaigns at the moment. Are you looking for something starting sooner (what is your starting date range), I could put out some feelers and see if I can come up with a group of 3-4 other players. I would love the chance to just sit down and see what you are looking for and make sure I'm a good fit first though. My Discord is listed above if you want to shoot me a message there and we can talk via Voice. If I'm not a good fit then I would be happy to refer to you a few experienced GMs that I know.

Thank you again,


February 15th, 2020, 16:45
I would be interested as well if it fix. I am currently looking for a weekend game. Sundays around noon to 4pm or so PST would be rocking :). Thanks!!

February 17th, 2020, 04:45
Hello fswa,

I am currently not running any games in that time slot 12-4pm PST Sundays, if you want to reach out to me via Discord I would be happy to discuss trying to find additional players to help cover costs, etc. Let me know!

Thank you for replying!


February 17th, 2020, 17:41
@Sephiir, I would consider joining a group in that time slot on Sundays as I am also a PST player. Would like to have at least 4 players for cost sharing. Personally I'd prefer a 5E game. I'm new to FG and just started a campaign that will run every other Sunday but it starts at 4pm PST so id still be good. I'm an old school D&D player that started about 1980. Played and DM'd all through the 80's and into the 90's. Spent 20 yrs in the Army and didn't really play much the last 10 yrs due to combat deployments and what not. Just now getting back into it. Let me know if we can get a group together !

February 29th, 2020, 20:32
I would like to test some character builds at lvl 20 and want a DM to help. What I envision is building a typical lvl 20 then battling a physical brawler, then a mage, then a dragon just to see if they work or suck. Once, I figure what the end goal is and which characters I would like to run, I would ask the DM to host a 3-4 player lvl 20 module to see how the character build works in a group (I can supply people) so maybe one or two sessions to get the flavor. If the character works and groups gels, we pick a module and go from 1-20. My goal is to determine what I like to play, with whom, tactics, etc and have fun leveling up, knowing that I at least don't end up at lvl 15 saying I wish I would have...

Would you have interest in doing that at $15/hour? Thanks!


March 1st, 2020, 17:16
Hey! Two friends and I are interested in a regular Sunday session, three hours between 12pm and 9pm EST. Do you have space available?

March 2nd, 2020, 23:36
Hello mamdlwk,

I would be happy to speak with you in more detail about what you are looking for. Go ahead and add me on Discord


We will discuss it further. I do have two players interested in starting a Sunday game, but am also open if you just wanted to play with your 2 friends.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Thank you,

James Powers

March 3rd, 2020, 21:09

I would be happy to help with brainstorming and doing what you are asking. Shoot me a message on Discord


We will go over your desires and ideas. Looking forward to your reply!


March 4th, 2020, 06:43
Hiya James.

I'm very interested in a solo game. I live in Australia so timezone maybe an issue though I have lots of spare time and odd hours of sleeping.

March 6th, 2020, 22:02
Do you have any available slots open for a two to three hour game on Wednesday nights from 17:00 to 20:00 PST? Our group has five players that have been playing together for around three years.

April 6th, 2020, 19:10
Hello Sephiir,

I am looking to set up a game with a couple of friends on either Saturday evening (3 pm and on) or Sunday morning or afternoon (9 am to 4/5 pm) and we are looking for sessions that are 4-6 hours long. We are mainly planning to play a 5e campaign and possibly switch between 5e and Pathfinder 2nd edition to play. Of the three of us currently, two of us have several years of experience with tabletop while one of our friends is still learning a bit about the interactions but has played with us. Please let me know if I can reach out to you and discuss further.