View Full Version : Ruleset update on test channel, v2019.12.22

December 24th, 2019, 05:53
If you could give this a test run it would be great. This version is available now on the "Test" channel. Want to get more eyes on the changes for the memorization to make sure it works properly.

Make sure to backup your campaigns before running test code.

Here is the list of variou updates also included in this version.


Updated Various alignment/font cleanup for FGU changes.
Updated Added THACO setting to Combat Details, made THACO setting on main character sheet read only to avoid accidental changes.
Fixed Max spell slot changes could cause issues with memorized slots. Manual updates will not be accepted until entry made and new slot entry selected.
Updated Memorization sanity checking to use the spell group "Group Type" setting of Spells instead of using the group Name. If set to "Abilities" none of the spells in group will be able to be memorized.
Fixed Skills on npcs added to CT were missing.