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December 9th, 2019, 21:08
FG License: Ultimate
Game System: D&D 5E

Time Zone: PST
Day of week and time: Varies
If new game, planned start date: Varies
Planned Duration & Frequency: Varies
Term: Varies

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: Discord
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

Roleplay & Combat mix: Varies
Number of Players in game & needed: Varies (1+)
Character starting level & equipment: Varies
Character restrictions: Varies

Details of your scenario: Good day, if you've read this far then you probably have a ton of questions as what is listed above is fairly vague. What I am offering is somewhat unique. I am offering for you, as the player to create a game from the ground up by choosing themes, concepts, requests, etc. while creating a story that still challenges within those bounds. I offer themes such as Anime (Slice of Life, Isekai, Harem, etc.), High/Low Fantasy, High/Low Technology, etc. If you can dream it, I can DM it! The games range in rating from G - R (though I am not explicit regarding sexual acts, these are glossed over if they are taken on). The number of players ranges from 1 - 4 (I can go above 4 if everyone joining the game is doing so as a group and already know each other, otherwise I feel more than 4 waters down the experience for each of the players). This is a chance to live out your fantasy as a Space Marine fighting against the Zerg hordes on a distant planet, or to revive the long gone Order of the Dragon as you play an actual dragon advancing in both levels and age categories, or even to play in your favorite game world (Persona, Mass Effect, Shadowrun, etc.). If you have any questions please let me know and I will be happy to address them or give you a link to my Discord channel where additional information is located!

Welcome to my pricing page, the prices listed in this page are subject to change at any time. Once you start a campaign you are "Price-Locked" which means that you are locked at that price regardless of price fluctuations, unless the price in general is reduced in which case you will drop down to the lower price point (I do not anticipate this happening). If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about pricing please let me know and I will be happy to answer them via PM. All prices list hourly and what to expect for a 4 hour session (though we are not locked to 4 hour sessions, they can be as short as 2 hours and as long as 12 hours depending on what you set up). Please note that if you pay in bulk/prepay there is a discount.

I also offer Play By Post games as well with a different pricing structure.

Solo Campaign (1 Player)
Session 0 = Free
Session 1-5 = $10/hour [$40/4 hr session]
Session 6+ = $12.50/hour [$50/4 hr session]

Duo Campaign (2 Players)
Session 0 = Free
Session 1-5 = $11/hour [$44/4 hr session]
Session 6+ = $13.50/hour [$54/4 hr session]

Trio Campaign (3 Players)
Session 0 = Free
Session 1-5 = $12/hour [$48/4 hr session]
Session 6+ = $14.50/hour [$58/4 hr session]

Quad Campaign (4 Players)
Session 0 = Free
Session 1-5 = $13/hour [$52/4 hr session]
Session 6+ = $15.50/hour [$62/4 hr session]

Recent Reviews of my Services

So today I completed our first chapter of my campaign Gods World, and so far it has been am absolute blast with Storyteller.He makes the story like it was a whole another world being played out. He makes the characters seem real with personality and make them feel unique when my character interacts with them. I have only told him a small portion of my character's backstory and he seems to know a lot more than I have ever told him because he surprised me a lot with the encounters he made that made the story feel amazing. He is a great "storyteller" and definitely recommend him for future campaigns since I will do so as well.
My review comes from experience of Storytellerís Post-by-Post service which I have had the pleasure of enjoying the last two months. I have never felt as creatively free, acknowledged, and whole heartedly welcome in my life as a writer more importantly as a table top game player as he caters a ĎRise of The Runelordsí campaign to my wants. My character designs are challenging, and eccentric often to the awe or discomfort of others I have played with over the years; yet Storyteller has in one sweep been able to make my characters feel home, almost canon within the fantasy world of Pathfinder.

His commitment to creative freedom of his customers is liberating and heartwarming. Where I have felt discouraged by communities on the internet and in the world being unable to finish table top campaigns I have now covered more content with Storyteller that I have with the majority of all my incomplete games. Storyteller is thorough, I have tried to out wit him and to probe deep into the motivations of the NPCs. Everything is thought out and meticulous, all my questions have answers. Dare I say I can trust his creative ability and the reception of my input through my posts.
My character, and the NPCs which I have brought into my game are taken into account head to toe. Thoughtfully the NPCs my characters know play their part as described, yet he can still surprise me with reactions I ultimately find in character of how I crafted them. Storyteller has, through the qualities of his mind, a way of letting his players feel abundant with their choices for experience and meets all expectations.

I write this review in hopes it will convince you to seek Storytellerís services and open yourself to having what you want brought to life by a man perceptive enough to see things from many angles. Storyteller truly lives up to his name, regardless of his demographic he is capable of filling the mind of any sex, culture, or race and create people lifelike. Enjoy and tread carefully as everything your character does will have vibrant cause and effect, even if you canít see it at first!

Thank you Storyteller and cheers to the adventures yet shared!
My review will be short and to the point: i recoment the play by play,the storyteller is an exceptional Gm that is worth every cent.

Now to a more detailed review.
My campaing was into a world based of redbrick ,a setting i knew nothing about, and the storyteller made it feel real and alive and most importantly made me crave for more, to want to keep discovering the world alongside my character. The only limitation i have found so far is the ones i gave my character. If you want figths i dont actually have experienced that yet so i cannot tell how good or bad that can be.

All around if you want to pay for a game this is a premium service.
Daenys Targaryen05/04/2019
I have been playing in our Storyteller's campaign set in the world of asoiaf for a month now. He is very accommodating and has done more than his fair share of research into the world I have thrown at him. Myself and my SO quite enjoy his style of GMing, he does a good job at reading situations and coming up with appropriate challenges for all involved. I have felt quite comfortable voicing any concerns with him as he has a problem solving mindset and an understanding tone. Thank you for all your hard work!
I would highly recommend this GM !

December 11th, 2019, 22:11
Do you know the White Wolf/World of Darkness games at all?