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December 3rd, 2019, 14:45
Hi guys

Following is not ruleset or FG based but Traveller related questions for those of you having/using high guard. I am playing around a bit with it (reading myself for the time, MBM throws it at me for testing :D ) and came to sort of a head scratcher...

1) In the construction part of the book, step 3 "Power Plant" I can't find anything about the consumed hull-tonnage of the powerplants in the table.
Am I missing something here?

2) Also the power numbers in the table seem mighty high.
i.e. if I am constructing a 400dton ship at TL12, the power plant produces according to the table 15 power per ton. That would amount to 6000 power.
If I cram anything into the hull that consumes power, like weapons, M-drive, J-drive, basic systems etc blabla ... I have trouble to get even 1000 power points altogether. The powerplant seems mighty overrated... Or is the TL12 powerplant supposed to sit in a capital ship? How big is this (relates to my first question)...

I can't make heads or tails of it atm. Might be I have run my train of thoughts up the wrong alley...

Any help is appreciated!

December 3rd, 2019, 17:38
It's not super clear in the way they present it but basically it works like this.

1. Calculate how much total power your ship will require to be functional.
2. Consult the table on page 15 and select a power plant type.
3. Divide the power requirement by the power per ton
4. The result is how many tons of power plant you need.

So while they put it towards the beginning of ship generation it's kind of backwards. The flaw here is that unless you are constantly updating the tons in use based on your power usage you might not have enough tons in the end for your power plant and thus will require a redesign. The good news is that power usage isn't super high for most things so tonnage isn't going to be too bad. :)

Also as an FYI, while it's a good idea it is not essential to be able to power the whole ship all at once. For instance if you have a whole bunch of extras on the ship that aren't always on all the time you might be able to get away without having to have 100% power in your power plant. The Harrier from Drinax is a good example of a ship that can't run 100% power all the time but does okay.

Hope this helps.