View Full Version : Finally caved and bought a module during the sale.

December 2nd, 2019, 06:02
I own the three main rule books and N1 from the first they were offered. I decided to wait on others as I was buying to “have” in advance of play in order to get in bundle pricing because next few (Completes) were pricy (pricier than what I paid for physical iir and def over pdf prices)

Then the deluge came!
And the bundle grew quickly and worse for me is they mixed core books, basically core addons (Tome of magic which I want) with good Greyhawk and vanilla modules but also included Forgotten Rwalms in the same bundle. On top of that, they include 2 Deity books for FR - will bot be used in my campaign.

The current bundle is great for the completionist or better off than I ;). I’d have (and did) suggested breaking into core then two branches one for vanilla/GH adventures and one for FR.

I held off hoping to get the bundle disc since missed it on the first $70 I spent. Not gonna drop another $200 plus right now ;)

But I gave up. Bought T1-4 which is a special memory module for me. I ran my old best friends and even ex fiancée through that ;). Gonna likely get Against Slavelords next in a couple months and maybe ToH and any others that fit. I hate that gave up on bundle (now diminishing returns to buy even if split since already paid non bundle for over $100 of it) but at least I now am free to buy as have interest instead of forever waiting :)

Can’t wait to peruse ok’ Homlet yet again!

I cannot wait until I have time to play in a 1/2e someone is running. Right now with my regular (fantastic even though 5e lol) Wed game and less regular but cool fun Mon C&C - I cant commit to it. Dying to though.

Thanks again to our Honorary Classic Czar, Celestian! You did it, you really upped the game here in Classic and even Core/5E with your work. /bow

Cheers to all the converters as well, thank you - I hope to get as much as can eventually.

December 2nd, 2019, 06:08
Still made out well otherwise on Smite sale. Got SW Supers, Necessary Evil, completed my Deadlands bundle (which recently exploded with DLC) and just now got Grimmsgate and ToEE. Tempted to grab DL Noir because low priced to check it. May need to quickly look through my PDF if it

I plan on buying DCC when/if DCCL stuff is released I feel the Leiber world is perfect for DCC. I don’t know the game hope to play a one shot or two soon though. I recently bought the huge door stopper, core book along with AS&SH rule books. What can I say - felt the need to test the structural integrity of my bookshelves?