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November 30th, 2019, 03:09
Will items be getting extra fields for they materials they are constructed with, also with thier BT, Hardness and Hits?
As construction materials seem quite the "thing" in PF2

Weapons too need the extra fields as they too apparently have BT, Hardness and Hits ; like shields. Even though the Rules dont tell you what they are anywhere (for those without special materials).

Assumed this as certain abilities and creatures do damage too them, like Black Pudding (2d6 damage to weapons used to hit it)

November 30th, 2019, 03:25
I would be great to see things like that, Willot, but for now, you can always use the note or details fields to keep track of stuff. Even if it was left to use to enter the data ourselves.

There is actually a place that explains the hardness, hit points, etc., for basic materials. On Page 577 of the Second Edition Pathfinder Core Rules you'll find the basic material values. I'd say it'll cover most things. Example: Longsword.. that's thin steel.. so Hardness 5, HPs 20, BT 10. There's example items in there. This allows you to even use a little clever customization to the game. Ironsmith Garrod over in Mattlepier makes the finest Chain Mail I have seen (giving it a Hardness of 6, with 24 HPs and a BT of 12). Etc.

There's so much in the core rules book, sometimes it's a pain to find. I know I spend too much time trying to just remember where I saw things, much less finding them some days. I think Fantasy Grounds gives us opportunities to make this easier to discover, so suggestions as you have given are a great idea. The real problem is that it's not part of a "core stat block" within the rules, so some of this is just left to us community members to come up with.

I bet if you went and made a quick little mod with all the core items filled with notations on hardness, break thresholds, and so forth, you'd find a bunch of people happy to make use of it.

November 30th, 2019, 04:12
Yeah I did find that table, but seems more for extrapolation, I suspect the "enhanced" Weapons and items table with fully fleshed out information will be found in the gamesmaster guide coming in Feb

EDIT: OK I forgot Items do have BT Hardness and HP. They seem to come up for shields only.


November 30th, 2019, 05:25
True that. Just a question of unlocking for other items.

It'll be interesting to see what the Gamemaster Guide does offer.