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November 28th, 2019, 23:36
We (friends and I) have purchased and downloaded the 2ed Mongoose Trav. core rules. I am seeing a contradiction regarding damate type, between those rules, and what's being implemented here in the 2ed Ruleset.

In the printed rules, there does not seem to be a distinction between damage types (kenetic, rad, laser, etc.)... there is just damage (see pg 74, and all the wpn and armor listings). However, in this ruleset, there DOES seem to be damage types (see all the wpn and armor listings in ruleset).

So, which is it? Does MgT2 have damage types or not?

November 28th, 2019, 23:56

We scoured the rulebooks from both MGT1 and MGT2 (and 2300 I believe) to be implemented into the ruleset. While it appears that MGT2 doesn't support varied weapon damage typed it actually does. Check page 94 for the armor listing where it has armor specifically resistant only to laser type damage.

November 29th, 2019, 00:54
Sorry, the listing on page 94 does not address what I am talking about. The exception to damage for Reflec armor has been in the game system since the first edition of Classic Trav. But, it has always been just that... an exception... just as it's listed on page 94. That's not at all the same thing as an comprehensive damage-type system.

This is doubly the case when looking at the armors and weapons in the item listings in this ruleset compared to the same listings in the core rules or Central Supply.

For example:

Core Rules: Battle Dress TL-13, Protection=+22

MgT2 Ruleset: Battle Dress TL-13, Protection = Kenetic 22, Radiation 245

Where did that "Radiation 245" come from? What weapons in the core rules do "Radiation" damage? I mean, I know where they are going with this... but I can't find a consistent set of rules in the published materials to support it. The core rule book does not list damage type "traits" or damage types at all in the weapons listings. Central Supply DOES list some traits... like "Radiation" for trait for FGMP, but doesn't list any kind of traits or damage types for say... Lasers, which are clearly delineated in this ruleset... so that doesn't make any sense?

Is there a consistent set of rules for this printed somewhere that I don't know about? Is it in the Trav Companion for example?

November 29th, 2019, 00:58
oh never mind... it's sitting right there in that table in the core rules... just didn't notice it.

December 3rd, 2019, 13:30
That's the one ;) --- 30611
It might be confusing, that the TL column is inbetween the two :)