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November 25th, 2019, 15:04

Based on recent discussions in other threads I'm curious about the potential compatability between MGT1 and MGT2 products like we have with Savage Worlds and Call of Cthuhu. This may be a moot point if Mongoose has closed off all MGT1 supplimental product development, but if not then it could be beneficial to future expansion of the two product lines.

I'm in no way suggesting you do this. You have enough on your plate now. However, if others wanted to develop MGT1 supplements most of those are viable for MGT2 as well. When you compare MGT1 and MGT2 content most the tables were duplicated except for career skills and some equipment properties. The text content is certainly compatible.

I have not purchased Tripwire yet so I have no frame of reference but is it also tagged to load on the MGT2 ruleset? I do notice that the MGT1 rulebook loads in the MGT2 ruleset so this is promising. Also all the content of the MGT1 rulebook seems to load without error except weapons. This one throws an error script. Perhaps you can make a few adjustments to the MGT2 code to allow MGT1 weapons to convert to their MGT2 counterparts. If this is addressed then I see no barrier to load MGT1 modules into MGT2 if Mongoose allows their development.

November 26th, 2019, 21:42
I have tripwire and I sometimes load it into MGT2 just to use some of the NPCs in the book.

The biggest functional difference between MGT1 and MGT2 is how skill rolls are handled (modifiers vs. set difficulty targets). The characteristics and the skills are mostly going to be in the same range. The only other difference you might run into is that there might be some skills that aren't in MGT2 as they consolidated the list buff that's pretty easy to fudge. So far I've not run into any problems using Tripwire with MGT2 that I couldn't work around or just ignore.

The rulesets are quite compatible. I'm not 100% certain and maybe MBM might correct me, but it seems to me that functionality for one ruleset seems to be updated for the other. Recent changes to the system/world data functions came to both rulesets and it appears that is the plan going forward.

November 27th, 2019, 10:02
Hi Folks,

MGT1 is pretty much classic Traveller, it's compatible with a lot of 3rd party material (Foreven Worlds, Jon Brazer Enterprises) which will work in 1E without issue and inside 2E with a bit of modification. Dale has been working on updating some of the D66 products for 2E.

As Esmdev stated, the dice 'rolling' is different, but you can work around that, so the one that has the biggest thing to address are with NPC's. In 2E Monsters/Animals/Robots have 'hits' rather than the normal Str/Sta/End wound track.

Where applicable any updates to 2E will go into 1E unless there comes a point where we find that it's either a lot of work, or 1E players don't need it.

I've asked many times to do more 1E content from Mongoose, there's sooooooo much of it, but been told they want 2E only for the moment, and with the speed they're releasing new materal it's hard to keep up, as sadly I need to work for a living so can't do this during the normal working day.

That said, going to be a good couple of months, I've got the remaining Reach adventures ready for testing nearly, Central Supply Catalogue is going through final dev, which will be completed after 1.0.3 have been released (very soon).


November 30th, 2019, 14:09
Thanks for the info about Tripwire loading into 2e. I have no problem fudging things between versions. I was just curious of 2e would convert 1e data values (NPC stats, weapons, armour, etc.) into the 2e equivalent. It would really only ever come into use for NPCs in 1e adventures, as you had stated.

Yes, I'm sure there is little chance of you keeping up MBM with all the new releases, which is good for us buying the books but bad for maintaining pace in MT. At least most of us can just insert the needed materials with the nice functional ruleset to go off of, it just takes a little more work. Pretty soon we'll have the behemoth Deepnight Revelation to add to the list.

Thanks for providing this product line to us.