View Full Version : 1st time running PF2 using FG.

November 18th, 2019, 22:33
Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. I am getting ready to run my first PF2 game using Fantasy Grounds and I could use your help getting things set up. First off, we're a large group (seven players + GM). Most of us will be meeting in person but two of our members have moved out of state.

At the physical game table we have a large TV built into the table. My plan was to run two instances of FG on my laptop. One for me as the GM and the second one to display the map on the TV. My players at the physical table still want to use dice and miniatures, and I like that idea as well. I plan on having tokens for them on the map as well mirroring where their miniatures are for the benefit of our remote players. Our remote players will just use FG as usual with discord for audio (we've got a snowball mic I'll put in the center of the table). We've been using Tabletop Audio at our physical game, but with two of our players now remote I'm not sure of a way to make it work.

Is there anything I'm missing to make this work?

November 19th, 2019, 19:47
Iff they have minis then you will need to move the map tokens to follow them around which will be cumbersome. Probably want to use auto NPC numbering with some means physical ID which mini is which one on the tracker, and just use the combat tracker and the map is then just a backdrop. But then that does not work for remote. seven PCs plus NPCs - you might want to get a co DM that just manages tracking HP and moving tokens.