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November 18th, 2019, 20:14
I still don't quite understand what the numbers mean after an encounter in general like the different in Trivial 1 vs Trivial 3, but this question is about the Plaguestone Module itself. Bar Brawl is Moderate 1 and worth 240 XP, but the Mangy Pack at Severe 1 which should be higher is only 120. Old Shrine is also Moderate 1, but is worth only 80. What am I missing?


November 18th, 2019, 21:02
Firstly, the Paizo naming convention - "Trivial 1" is a trivial encounter for a first level party. "Trivial 3" is a trivial encounter for a third level party. Assuming 4 PCs in the party. There's further info in the Core Rules in Chapter 10 about working out the party level if everyone isn't the same level.

Secondly, the Bar Brawl is indicated by Paizo in the text as Moderate 1 - but it could include up to "dozen drunken farmers wind up in a gigantic brawl" - which would give a total of 240xp. The encounter has all 12 farmers in it, so that you can deploy them to the combat tracker and the map. Adjust the XP of the final encounter reward as appropriate.

The other two encounters you mention adhere to the standard XP levels for Severe and Moderate.

November 19th, 2019, 19:55
You are supposed to assume the bar brawl resolves a lot of fights without your players. But if players did survive taking them all out then they would gets lots of XP beyond the moderate guideline. The sheriff might think they should go to jail for that though!

So moderate is 80XP and farmers are 20XP - once they take out 4 farmers, just resolve the rest of the fights without them. Note take out means non lethal or social means. This adventure does not work out well for murder hobos..