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November 17th, 2019, 21:52
the wiki is confusing me

[-other tag] Negative the other tag bonus (including half and double). For example: [-LVL] = - level.

+-X [other tag] Note the space between X and the [ character. Add (+) or subtract (-) the value X from the tag bonus. For example: 2 [LVL] = level + 2. This is similar to [other tag]+-X

[other tag]+-X Add (+) or subtract (-) the value X from the tag bonus. For example: [LVL]+2 = level + 2. Available in Release 5. This is similar to +-X [other tag]


Mountain Stance (shoved or tripped is DC+2); AC:[-DEX]+4; SPEED: -5

same as

Mountain Stance (shoved or tripped is DC+2); AC: 4 [-DEX]; SPEED: -5

but not

Mountain Stance (shoved or tripped is DC+2); AC: 4-[DEX]; SPEED: -5

November 18th, 2019, 01:11
There's another problem, actually, though your point is spot on.

It's important to maintain the type when it comes to bonuses. So even when it does work, it won't carry the type.

I was working on All-in-One Monk this morning (coincidentally), so I just did Mountain Stance. Here's what I wanted to use should be like:

Mountain Stance; AC: +4 [-DEX] status; SPEED: -5; Falling Stone attack only

The status tag breaks it. Because there are other status bonus possibilities, it feels pretty important to maintain that tag. I ended up leaving it up to the players to adjust.

Mountain Stance; AC: +4 status; Reduce status bonus by DEX; SPEED: -5; Falling Stone attack only

November 18th, 2019, 01:54
Good point about status, do it your way then hope to remember to change the combat tracker when get ability bonuses.

Falling stone itself is +1 dmg for 2nd attack, +2 dmg for last attacks no idea how to make that work in effects (need DMG#).Had to make three different weapons for each MAP. Which have to remember to only use in Mountain Stance. And that got messy as I think it stacks with Magic Fang and Power Fist.

Roll against adjusted DC is also manual, could not figure that one out.

November 18th, 2019, 02:59
Yeah. I am sure, as this ruleset matures, we'll see more and more functionality added (and some of our efforts outdated). Considering this just launched a couple of months ago, it's pretty amazing how functional it is already. In the mean time, we come up with work arounds.

Honestly, when I do this stuff face-to-face, ol' school style, I realize how much of an aid (crutch?) FG really is and I begin to miss it almost immediately :P

November 19th, 2019, 03:45
+-X [other tag] is legacy and is left there for compatibility - the gotcha is the space.

[other tag]+-X was added in release 5 to make things a little less prone to spaces. I'd recommend using this to avoid confusion and issues.