View Full Version : AD&D Ruleset On Test channel for 3.3.9 Review

November 14th, 2019, 18:55
I've placed the updated version of the AD&D ruleset onto the Test channel in FGC. The same version is also on the FGU "Live" channel.

The FGC Test channel version has revisions to continue working with FGU's new changes plus the 3.3.9 updates that will affect FGC users. Please test if you can but before you do make sure to backup your campaign files as a precaution.

November 17th, 2019, 20:09
There was some confusion on the release of the 3.3.9 updated ruleset and it's on production/live now. Here are the update notes.

(RULESET) 2E (2019.11.16)
Update Various changes for FGU support.
Update fonts and font sizes (needed for FGU support) Added "End Encounter" radial option to CT->Round advancement.
Updated Single window feature allows multiple reference manuals opened by default.
Update Backport various changes from 3.3.9 (CoreRPG/5E).
Update Base HP value in CT read only now, use menus to change.
Fixed In CT, HP Totals for PCs on certain race conditions were not displayed correctly.
Fixed Background/frame race condition on drag/drop in CT.