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November 5th, 2019, 18:11
How will FG handle the bulk changes via the errata. Over on the paize forums there does not seem to be a consensus on how to handle it.

New errata, > The first 2 bulk placed in your back pack do not count against your bulk limit.

Most folks are just added an extra 2 bulk.

Some are having players specify what items are where on the character > Carried, stowed, equipped. Seems like a LOT of work to code what is inside your backpack. Do you have a solution Trenloe?

I was just going to tell players to note where some items where on the sheet and manually adjust bulk for each player.

November 5th, 2019, 18:29
No firm solution as yet. FG has the facility to indicate what items in your inventory are in a specific "container" that you're carrying, so the final solution will probably be related to this. Probably if the backpack is equipped then the total bulk of the contents will be adjusted accordingly.

November 5th, 2019, 20:21
Like this, but you will have to keep an eye on your players to make sure they are doing their housekeeping
Take note the items not carried have bulks of 1, 0.1 and 0.1.
The 0.1 bulks are Light Bulks (cause 10 Lights = 1 bulk), and there are 5 of each; so Total NOT carried is 1 + (5 x 0.1)+(5 x 0.1) = 2 bulk

November 5th, 2019, 21:56
Wilot is that theme available someplace?

November 5th, 2019, 22:25
Nah I had to make it. The Graphics may have copyright issues so cant really supply it.
But easy enough to make (I should say the buttons came from pathfinder 1e ruleset, I just copied them and changed the button in the 2e ruleset, had to make a couple of new ones tho)

Have a look at the last couple of posts in this thread

November 19th, 2019, 19:49
Willot, I tried your solution to this issue (very clever!), but the items marked "not carried" seem to still be counted in the character's total bulk... I'm guessing there is currently no way around this?

EDIT: Nevermind; after clicking through equipped->carried->not carried a few more times it suddenly started working...