View Full Version : How to apply heal effects?

October 26th, 2019, 23:52
Greetings. I have am running Hellknight and the cleric has the heal spell added as a new spell for her font. However I cant seem to get the 'effect' to apply to her target.

The heal has 3 possible actions based on desire.

Is this spell already set up or will heals need to be applied manually for now?

Example, cleric targets ally, wants to roll 1d8 to heal him. The drag n drop mod does not seem to allow this like it does/can with damaging spells. Is there something I need to learn to write it so it does work?

October 26th, 2019, 23:59
If you drag the spell from the Core Rules module to the spells section in the PC actions tab, it will create the 1d8 heal action. You can add additional heal actions by: right-clicking on the spell -> Add Spell Action -> Add Heal.

October 27th, 2019, 00:01
You are absolutely correct. My friend in game showed me right after I posted. This was recent? Its amazing and thank you!

October 27th, 2019, 00:02
This was recent?

October 27th, 2019, 00:13
Cool, thank you very much for the fast reply. I am in game and we were adding heals manually. This is a huge time saver. Thank you Trenloe!