View Full Version : Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords Campaign/ P2P $15 one time payment

October 20th, 2019, 00:18
Hello everyone i'm back again this year for another campaign, we have 4 spots available for our Wednesday time slot of 7pmET-10pmET done weekly. this will be a single Pay to play campaign costing $15 to play as many weeks or until the end of the campaign as you'd like, never charging you a penny more after. The use of Fantasy grounds will be free to you as i have the ultimate edition and will be available to help anyone almost any day of the week. Although we're going to be using a premade campaign I usually do homebrew ones, i love creativity and hope to change up the campaign just a bit sometimes.

We're looking to start ASAP and maybe even by as early as next Wednesday. I'm available most days leading up to then to help with character creation.

$15 single payment (paypal will be best)
Use of Discord
Basic Fantasy Grounds Knowledge
Any experience in Pathfinder i'm here to help you.
Available 7pmET-10pmET on Wednesdays weekly
if these times don't work for you leave a time you would be available

If these criteria fit you than post a reply with:

Preferred Class:
Preferred Race:
Day/Time Available:

Spots Remaining

I will send a reply to you with all the FG information and Discord Info. We will be using a first come first serve basis.