View Full Version : DCC RPG Tutorial: Setting Up Cleric Abilities

October 10th, 2019, 01:22
I thought I would tackle some of the more common questions about the DCC RPG ruleset. Here, we will cover the cleric abilities 'lay on hands', 'turn unholy', and 'divine aid'. Since these are mechanically very similar, I will walk you through the setup for 'turn unholy' and leave the others for you. According to page 30 of the rulebook, the turn unholy check is 1d20 + Personality modifier + caster level + Luck modifier. Note that this example uses DCC RPG ruleset v1.1.0 and starts with a blank character sheet. I have rolled up some ability scores with a +1 modifier to both my Personality and Luck.

1. Activate the Actions tab, and click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the 'BASE SPELL CHECK' field. This will open a dialog box where you will set the ability modifier for your spell check (Personality for clerics). 'CL' is your caster level, which will be set to 1 for this 1st level cleric. Close the 'Spell Calc' dialog box. The 'BASE SPELL CHECK' modifier is now +2, which is correct for this example.


2. Select the brown edit button in the bottom right corner, followed by the 'Add Power' button to create a new power group.


3. Name the power 'Turn Unholy' and the power group 'Cleric Abilities'. Right-click on the power entry and select 'Add Action' and then 'Add Cast' from the radial menu.


4. Click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the power action to open the 'Spell/Ability Check' dialog box. You may leave the dice field blank for a d20 check. Leave the 'Base' modifier set to 'Sp Chk +', which references your 'BASE SPELL CHECK' modifier. Set the stat modifier to 'Luck' to include your Luck modifier in the check - note that this will be left blank for 'lay on hands'. You can set the saving throw to 'Will' if you want, since turned creatures receive a Will saving throw vs. turn check DC.


5. Click the 'Cast' button to roll the check. The judge will refer to Table 4-4 to determine whether the check was successful based on the target HD.

Feel free to post any questions here.