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October 2nd, 2019, 08:21
Hi all,

Recently I started a Coriolis game and with the limited time I have available, MoreCore was the right choice. Thanks to the work of ShotGun Jolly, neuralnoise and the people behind MoreCore I managed to get all up and running in a day. I want to share what I did with the community and shamelessly to advertise this great setting and system. :)
Hopefully I will have enough time and stable, non-fluctuating motivation to finish the MYZ ruleset I work on, but for now - this is what I came up with for my game.

Without further ado, the following is attached:

Coriolis Extension v1 for MoreCore - contains adjusted character sheet, and theme
Coriolis Calendar Extension v1 - to be used with the calendar module
Coriolis Calendar module v1 - based on the information provided in the book, all periods are 37 days.
Character Sheet Template - XML file for export/import for convenience with all Attributes, Skills, Gear roll configured with parameters and links between Attribute-Skill-Gear-Modifier
Coriolis Public Module v1 - contains Rolls, Character and NPC templates in the respective libraries for quick start up of new characters, NPCs and drag-and-drop rolls

Instructions for the Character Sheet

The character sheet is relying on the roll parameters to build a dice pool. It combines Attribute, Skill, Gear Bonus (where applicable) and Modifiers. You can disable the dicepool for better experience and instant rolls, or you can continue using it, it is up to you.
The Attributes are the starting point, you assign a value. There is no roll for that as in the game you have no "raw" rolls. The values are afterwards used in all skill/gear rolls as a1 parameter.
Skills have the relevant attribute as input a1, followed by the skill level (p1) and potential modifier from gear or environment (p2)
Gears have the same chain - attribute + skill + gear bonus + modifier.
Armor is single parameter
Initiative is singe roll. Modifiers can be applied to the init modifier box in character sheet (the second square marked in red on the Initiative roll in "Combat, Social and XP" section, below the Coriolis logo) in case you use the automatic initiative roll feature from MC
Weapons are rolls - we use Weapon Name (Damage X; CRIT X) as name of the roll, so it reports all relevant info in the chatbox and properties are in the notes section of the roll.

Instructions for the NPC Sheet

The NPC sheet is following the same principle as the Character sheet with the same rolls and links between them. The template in the module is without modifiers box, but you can "fix" that by dropping the relevant rolls from the Rolls library and link Attribute-Skill-Gear-Modifier as in the PC.
If you put rolls in the CT roll, they will be visible in the combat tracker for very easy interaction during play. If you put string rolls in the Rolls field, those also will be visible in the tracker (nice MoreCore feature)

Things with workarounds:
Some functionalities do not work due to limitations in the CoreRPG or MoreCore.

Items in Coriolis are ranked as Heavy, Normal, Light, Tiny. In MoreCore and my modules, to avoid too much re-coding I decided to put a numeric value to each item and take advantage of the automatic calculation. Heavy = 2, Normal = 1, Light = 0.5 and Tiny = 0. Then you can easily see if you are overloaded based on the Strength X2 formula.
Negative modifiers in the modifier box or parameter rolls are not removing dice from the pool. In my game we simply don't count the rightmost dice when a roll is made and use the modifier number to indicate what the penalty was.
Scripted rolls (/coriolis) do not work in MoreCore with parameter rolls as there is no advanced calculations to build the pool. The report in the chat will be simply the dice and you have to count the 6s. My players actually preferred this option, because Limited/Critical success is not counted in combat and the chat is clean of irrelevant clutter.

To-Do and other ideas I have
Coriolis Ship & Vehicle Sheet for the Vehicles library (today is the default)

What follows is small showcase of the PC, NPC sheet and the and the modules that contain the rulebook (unfortunately can't be shared publicly).

October 2nd, 2019, 08:22
The Showcase

October 4th, 2019, 03:12
Incredible work!

October 9th, 2019, 03:18
Very nice addition to Neuralnoise's previous extension. I've become a fan of all things Free League and the extensions by the community are great additions to all their games. Great job!

October 14th, 2020, 15:06
Is this still updating? ��

October 14th, 2020, 19:22
Is this still updating? ��
Yes, I have recently fixed the extension to make it compatible with the latest more core version and implementing the improved parametrized rolls I asked for. Still need to fix some of the frame definitions and transfer the art.

Files are not uploaded, need week or two to finalize the work due to RL stuffs.

October 14th, 2020, 20:43
I downloaded all your extensions and modules (and looks very good). I can see that talents are missing(?)...I don't mind to type text for players to choose, but now I can't even type those as there are only abilities (which should be named as skills) to select.

Another question is considering items...(mostly different types like armor, weapon (ranged or melee) and general items. Now there don't seem to be any difference...like skill roll including gear dice / damage. Is it coming?

I have used several different systems (like our own to Mutant Chronicles, which needs help to get better...anyone?)...GURPS extension works very well as there are integrated rules into code and you can justy roll (it counts skills, attirbutes succes by margin etc). Is it possible to get in here too? And dice system...is it possible to get idea from Forbidden Lands code? There are special symbols etc?

October 19th, 2020, 13:51
The module content cannot be shared, as it is basically the Core Rulebook converted to Fantasy Grounds. This content is copyrighted and cannot be distributed freely without licensing. The mechanics and skills names are configured on the sheet, but the content must be done manually.

Extra functionality and customization on the charactersheet is completely possible and I already home some versions that include darkness points tracker and more custom rolls, but they are not out yet for release. In addition, the ruleset as /Coriolis custom dice which reports Limited and Critical success, but I haven't updated the sheets with proper formula yet. I have in the following weeks some days off and I might get on my *** and finally publish this change.

October 28th, 2020, 21:29
Very nice addition thank you! Will this work with Unity?

April 5th, 2021, 22:13
Was there any additional work done on this after your last post in October? It looks great by the way!