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King Joey
October 1st, 2019, 06:04
So, would it be too greedy to hope for a mod/extension/ruleset/ whatever to enable 3rd Edition functionality? I am still an old-school adherent (actually prefer 3E to 4E), which I know is rare these days. But a guy can hope, right?

Either way, thanks SO much for putting this together!

October 1st, 2019, 11:52
I'm also a GURPS 3rd Edition fan, but I'm also a GURPS Fantasy Grounds fan, you may notice that the twat who is asking for things, making changes and filling the developers with questions is me, but over time I've learned that 4th Edition is very good and for my few years of practice it best fits the Fantasy Grounds style.

King Joey
October 1st, 2019, 17:43
Figured as much. Do you know an easy conversion tool (for pen & paper materials) for switching my volumes of homemade 3rd Edition content to 4th Edition?

October 1st, 2019, 18:06
And I believe GURPS Lite has conversion rules, but I think what changes from the new version is the firearm damage type nomenclature, the absence of Passive Defense, the disadvantages are usually 50% of the starting points. and not have more to buy 1/2 point skills.

October 1st, 2019, 18:07
3e to 4e guidelines here: http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/resources/4eupdate.pdf

King Joey
October 4th, 2019, 00:04

October 22nd, 2019, 16:22

Me and my party are playing GURPS 3E using this FG module and we didn't need to change anything. Just ignore the fields you don't need (or fill them up easily, like for example WILL = IQ and HP = HT).