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September 24th, 2019, 21:27
Newbie FG user here; when creating a character using the PF2 core rules purchased from store, it seems to have all of the ancestries, backgrounds, heritages, feats, etc. However, when I tried to add equipment and spells, I couldn't find those. Are those going to be added to the module at some point, or will I need to manually add/edit them going forward?

Edit: Found the equipment! I had to click on the "Items" menu. But I haven't found the spells, yet.

September 24th, 2019, 21:52
Welcome to the FG forums mwfantasygrounds!

You can access the spells in a few ways:
1) Open the spell lists from the library entry of the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rules module.
2) Open (or enable) the spells campaign data list from the top of the Library window.

September 25th, 2019, 02:03
Ah! Sorry for the dumb question :) I hadn't realized that I had somehow moved out of the "Create a PC" selection in the Library.