View Full Version : Starfinder Revision 1.0.15 Update and Bug Reports

September 20th, 2019, 05:21
Revision and Status
[Rev 1.0.15] Live.
[Rev 1.0.15a] Test

[1.0.15a] Fixed
[Skills] Profession Skills no longer get console error
[Combat] Mixed DAMTYPE Short/Long now convert correct.
[Combat] Effect DMGTYPE can now add to short damage type from weapon.
[Combat] Fixed damage type "nonlethal" Will now put Uncon/Stable/Prone on the target if the damage that put him at 0 HP was non-lethal.
[Actions Tab] Added Uses Per Day (Per Ability) Can set how many times a day when in Prep mode. Standard Mode will have that many bubbles.
-- This is Per Ability not Per Section like Spells, so when you check off one use it does not affect the other abilities in that section.
[Actions Tab] Sections (Old Level Header) now have a writable Name
[Actions Tab] Class Block now only has one Number Box to set the number of sections per Group
--With the last two changes the Actions Tab Ability Section is completely user configurable.
---# of Groups, # of Sections per Group, as many abilities as you want per Section, Each Ability Configurable Uses per Day if needed. All can be Named what the user wants to name them.
[Fixed] Effect ABIL: and DEX: CON: ect.. now work correct again.
[Fixed] Effect SKILL: now works with Ability system.
[CHAT] Cleaned up how Abilities report to Chat (Much cleaner looking)
[ADD] Added Opposed Check option for Ability Checks (When selected the roll will go to chat and the result line will say I.E Check [26] -- [OPPOSED CHECK] -> {tARGET}
--This tells the GM that the Ability has a Opposed Check and he can make his Check and pass out the results.
[FIXED] Ability check using a Skill now adjust correct if the Ability Stat for the Skill has a effect. I.E Ability uses Stealth Skill and the user has the effect DEX:-2.
[FIXED] Combat Maneuver option for Attack type will now roll attack against the targets CMD (which is set at KAC +8).
[LIB] Added {Race-Alpha] button to Races List window. (Gives a detailed list of Races (Type/HP/Ability Score Adjustments/Size).
--Fixed console error related to this change.