View Full Version : Paid GM game LF 1 more Player for Pathfinder 2E Age of Ashes

September 12th, 2019, 19:16
Hello all,

We just began our Age of Ashes campaign and one of our players is finding it too difficult to play on his 13inch screen laptop. We try to play every other week the evenings we can play are always either Monday/Wednesday/Thursday. So sometimes we will play on Mondays, sometimes Wednesdays etc and we may play back to back weeks or we may not play for 2-3 weeks at a time. We have an excellent GM so I dont think this ad will be up for very long, the first session was a blast and we are still currently level 1. The sessions run in the evenings around 5-5:30PM PST. Our GM operates in CST, one of our players is in EST, and the other two of us are PST. The fee to play would be $7.50 USD per 4 hr session. Our party currently consists of a Barbarian, a Wild Order Druid, and a Bard. The fourth is free to play whatever they choose.

September 14th, 2019, 02:59
Interested in a regular game but new to 2e and Fantasy Grounds.
Let me know if there's still a spot.


September 14th, 2019, 05:50
How new are we talking to FG?

September 14th, 2019, 15:36
How new are we talking to FG?

Lots of experience with Roll20 but none with Fantasy Grounds

Charles Ulveling
October 20th, 2019, 00:57
Heyo Jeren! My Saturday group (8:30pm EST) is looking for another player. We are about halfway through book one of the Age of Ashes AP. It is a pay to play game ($10/3 hour session). If you’re at all interested, hit me up. I can provide whatever details or answer any questions you may have.