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September 4th, 2019, 09:46
Character 1E to 2E

1 Open your 1E campaign
2 Export your player character via the character selection dialogue into a XML file
3 Open your 2E campaign
4 Import your player character via the character seletion dialogue from the XML file
5 Open the character sheet
6 Go through the skills. There are some changes from 1E to 2E (i.e. Zero-G has gone and is now Athletics (dexterity))
7 Go through the items. Especially weapons need to be deleted and replaced by the respective 2E items. Delete the correlating action as well!
8 Try a few basic skill rolls and actions. If everything works, then congratulations: you char has a home in the new 2E-galaxy

-- feel free to ask if anything is unclear.
-- pls if possible, sticky this :) ... thx

September 18th, 2019, 19:15
If you think about migrating your whole campaign including story files etc, then you might rather undertake some "trickery" ;)

1) Find your campaign folder (might be in User/appdata/roaming/Fantasy Grounds/campaigns)
2) Find the campaign.xml file
3) Find the line <ruleset>Mongoose Traveller 1E</ruleset>
4) Replace it with line <ruleset>MGT2</ruleset>
5) save

Now you have turned your 1E campaign into a 2E campaign and can undertake the necessary steps (see first posting, start at point 5) to adjust your characters.

1) You need to clear your combat tracker and add PCs and NPCs anew. Else the Char sheet and the instance in the CT are not linked!
2) Check all the actions etc. if they contain damage in the form of "5D Kinetic". It has to be "5d6 kinetic" or it won't work.
3) ... (to be edited as occurs)
3) ...

Have fun!

September 25th, 2020, 11:33
Thank you!