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August 29th, 2019, 16:44
This extension provides some expanded options for the Starfinder RPG ruleset.

Please let me know if you find any bugs with it. I've done some local testing, but have not yet run a session with it.

If you find it useful or want to suggest any changes, let me know as well.

NOTE: You must enable the options to use them. They are defaulted to "Off" so as not to unexpectedly affect your experience or to switch them on and off as desired during play.

Options and Usage:

Game (GM) Section

Chat: Use Attack Prettifier
[*=1]Off - No change in existing functionality (default)
[*=1]On - based on 'Chat: Show results to client' and 'Chat: Show roll totals' settings you will have arguably better looking client output on attack rolls
Chat: Show attack roll totals to client

Off - No change in existing functionality (default)
On - Always shows roll totals to client
PC - Shows roll totals unless GM rolls

House Rules (GM) Section

CT: Max Normal Die on Critical
[*=1]Off - No change in existing functionality (default)
[*=1]On - All normal and effect die are maximized on a critical. Critical dice are rolled as normal

Settings and Effects Table (see attached image)


v1.0 - Initial release
v1.0.15 - Version scheme change, added new option to always show roll totals to GM, but show rolls to PCs only if 'Chat: Show attack roll totals to client' is set to 'On' or 'PC' (if PC rolls)

August 29th, 2019, 22:27
Added Settings and Effects image

September 10th, 2019, 01:11
A tad bit of egg on my face....I zipped the folder instead of the contents. Working .ext file is uploaded now.

September 12th, 2019, 21:44
new versioning scheme, will closely match Starfinder versions.

New option, no longer depends on Show roll totals setting to determine if you show the total to the client. Updated Settings image as well.