View Full Version : Overcoming Resistance for incorporeal creatures?

August 26th, 2019, 04:25
I noticed if I create an effect that sets my damage type to magic, positive, or force and attack an incorporeal creature it still resists damage.

Ideally I'd like to create an effect that says IFT: TYPE (incorporeal); DMGTYPE: magic. Testing this it never recognizes the creature is incorporeal so the damage type doesn't get applied. But, even if I just make the effect say DMGTYPE: magic it still doesn't overcome resistance. I'm guessing since creatures have traits instead of types in PF2 the TYPE (incorporeal) isn't going to work.

As a workaround I created an effect that just applies the "incorporeal" tag to the creature and then changed my other effect to say IFT: CUSTOM (incorporeal); DMGTYPE: magic and it still doesn't recognize the creature has the incorporeal tag and doesn't apply DMGTYPE: magic.

One other thing, incorporeal creatures don't get resistance to weapons with the Ghost Touch rune. So in the future it would be cool to give a weapon the ghost touch property and it automatically bypass resistance.