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August 20th, 2019, 15:54
I dont know if anyone saw this over on Paizo's forum but I found this kinda useful. This was errata that Paizo mentioned in its recent stream..

(copy n pasted here)

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1) Humans should get +1 language over what's currently listed.
2) All classes should have proficiency in Unarmed Attacks equivalent to their Simple Weapons Proficiency level (or better in the case of classes like the monk). Wizards should also have unarmed training, even though they don't have Simple Weapons Proficiency.
3) You're supposed to use Wisdom for your monk ki spells.
4) Sorcerer is missing the Resolve class feature, which is identical to the 17th-level ability of the same name that the wizard gets.
5) The Wizard class table is incorrect in stating that they get a 1st-level feat (universalists still get their bonus feat however).
6) The adventurer's pack is supposed to be 1 bulk, not 2.
7) There is a discrepancy regarding hero points and death and dying. Taking a heroic recovery and spending your hero points should bring you to 0 hit points, not 1 hit point, as mentioned in the death and dying section.
8) CURRENTLY UNDEFINED. The definitions of alignment traits and their restrictions (such as whether or not casting evil spells is an evil act) "is not quite right" and will be undergoing review.
9) Dwarven clan daggers are supposed to be super common, not uncommon, within the Golarian campaign setting (they remain uncommon in other campaigns, unless the dictates of the respective campaign say otherwise).

That's it, I made it to the end. Shields never came up, except for a bit of clarification on how shield block works (you AND the shield take the damage after it is reduced by hardness, and you can declare the block AFTER you know how much damage was rolled).

August 20th, 2019, 16:02
Thanks for posting. Mentioned here also: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?50248-Pathfinder-Second-Edition-Core-Rules-module-(not-PFRPG2-ruleset)-info-and-feedback&p=449841&viewfull=1#post449841 And note my follow up in post #161 - short of actual major data issues (stuff that actually breaks the ruleset) I'll wait for official errata before updating the FG DLC.

August 20th, 2019, 16:03
Ah ok I did not see that post Trenloe. Thank you for the response!